MGD: Chapters 811 to 1290

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Chapter 577 - ML Left.
Chapter 821 - ML returns as a child.
Chapter 1243 - MC and ML meet again.

After the MC was certain that the people from Heavenly Dynasty Palace have all died, she decided to go back to the academy. She also found out that Wanyan Qianhua is either from a 1st rank Kingdom or one of the Eight Empires. She also ordered Xiang Hua to bring Luo Yu and the other Feng Guards to her.

Returning to the academy, the MC focused on making a beauty pill. When she succeeded after months, pill thunder descended from the sky. One of the alchemy elders tried to steal her pill by saying that he was going to study it. Annoyed, the MC forcefully fed him the pill and he turned into a woman.

Teacher Huang, the alchemy teacher, was then punished by the president. The MC then blackmailed the president into paying for the ingredients she used on the pill. The president then asked the vice president to take her to the storage to get the ingredients she wanted.

After a couple of months, the students were allowed to return home. The MC stayed and succeeded in making her pill. Ouyang Xiu also stayed and waited for the MC to come out. He insisted on fighting her and they had a bet that the loser will call the winner "Master."

The MC also stated that it's been a year since the ML left. Just as he was thinking about him, a miniature size of him appeared in front of her. She thought it was his younger sibling, but because their expressions were too alike, she thought the child was his illegitimate child.

Grey Wolf appeared and the MC pulled him aside to ask if the child was their master's illegitimate child since he was almost 30, it wouldn't be weird for him to have a child. Grey Wolf almost slip that his master was still a virgin. Grey Wolf then explained that the problem his master has to settle isn't a simple one and then he left the MC with the child.

Although the MC was mad because Grey Wolf didn't explain much to her, when she spoke to the child, her tone was very soft. When she asked for his name, he said, "Little Yanwang" (Little Hell King)

MC: You're too naughty. I asked for your name, not your nickname.

ML: Wang. (King)

The MC laughed and asked if he wants something to eat. She then asked if he can ride a horse, he said no. The MC carried him and asked him to hold on tight. The little ML then wrapped his arms around her neck and smiled without her knowing.

After he finished eating, she took him to her dorms. When she said she'll clean up and make room for him to sleep in, he said he'll just stay with her. Someone called out to the MC that the president wanted to meet her, and the little ML said he wanted to come along.

Seeing the child, the president asked who the child was and the MC said it was Ling Mohan's son. The president asked her if she wanted to participate in the academy competition. The MC said she doesn't want to join if there's no benefit since she only wanted to make money.

The president explained that their academy is only a branch, a Six-star branch, there are branches in other kingdoms as well. If she does well in the competition, she will be accepted into the 1st rank academy, or even to one of the Eight Empires.

When they returned to the dorms, the ML asked who Mo Chen was and called him little white face (boy toy). She then called him over to take a bath. The MC wanted to give him a bath but the ML kept running away. The MC then took off his clothes and washed him. Then, they slept together on the bed.

The next day, the MC decided to go back home. When she was about to leave, Nie Teng tried to send her off, but the MC declined. The ML became jealous because there were a couple guys who were interested in her.

After pacifying the little ML, the MC went to the Black Market to pick up information regarding her mother. Her mother has been imprisoned in the Shangguang family. She was still unmarried, and the family gave the reason that they want to keep her within the family. The MC then gave the Black Market president a couple of bottles to auction.

The MC went to the new compound of the Heavenly Dynasty Palace and met up with Leng Shuang and Leng Hua before returning to the Phoenix Dynasty. Luo Yu and the others were out working on a task.

The ML got jealous when the MC jumped into her father's arms and asked him if he missed her. The MC gave the beauty pill to her grandfather and he went back to looking like a man in his 50s or 40s to looking like a man in his 20s, looking even younger than Feng Xiao.

That evening, Lin Suxi's water broke went into labor. The midwife said it would be a hard labor and they can only save one; mother or the child. It seemed that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the child's neck. The MC said she could save both but she has to do a c-section.

When the MC finished the operation and said that both mother and child were safe, her father told her not to give birth later on because it's too dangerous. The MC just laughed it off.

The ML told the MC that she shouldn't give birth to children in the future because it's too dangerous. The MC just laughed at him and said that he doesn't understand because he's too young. Tired from the surgery, the MC went to sleep. Just to be safe, the ML hit her acupuncture point. And left the room to meet up with Ren Xiang, the information broker that helped the MC out when she was looking for information about the heavenly dynasty palace.

Ren Xiang started to laugh when he saw his master look like a 3 to 4-year-old. The ML has solved his thousand-year cold poison but in doing so, lost most of his strength. Ren Xiang told him that he only has 6 months before the opposing forces act out again. The ML said that in 6 months time, he will make them disappear.

The ML told Ren Xiang to stay with the MC and help her in secret. Her being in danger is not all bad since her strength also broke through and he can go back when the MC goes to the eight empires.

The ML was talking to Ren Xiang about a soul of someone named “Feng Xing”? (Lit: Phoenix Star) is now Feng Jiu.

The next morning, the MC visited the palace to check up on her grandmother and her new little uncle. Her grandfather tells her that he was given the name “Feng Ye."

The MC gave Leng Hua her newly created pill and allowed him to be able to cultivate. The five element pill gave Leng Hua a single water element. After the MC was done checking out Leng Hua's spirit root, she went looking for the little ML.

The little ML was shocked that the MC came into the room when he was taking a bath that he slipped and fell. He ended up almost drowning. The MC started hitting his butt because he didn't listen to her and didn't ask for help. The ML felt embarrassed by his current appearance and when the MC told him that she'll give him a bath, he denied vehemently.

The MC said if he won't let her wash him, she'll get someone else and he finally agreed.

MC asked Yangyang, the child she brought back who has ghost parents to be her little uncle’s playmate and personal guard.

The ML told the MC that he had to leave and he was being picked up by Ren Xiang. The MC then left the Kingdom to attend a pill conference and took Leng Shuang and Leng Hua with her.

While lining up to enter the city, the MC told Leng Shuang that if someone wants to take advantage of her, just cut off their arm or their family jewels. She then gave the guard a pot of wine for his help in telling them places to go.

A man who saw that the MC as well of tried to sell the MC fake drugs. The MC knew and told him to give her sealing fee or teach her how to make fake drugs. If not, she will report him.

The MC won the conference thanks to her “Five Elements Pill,” the same one she made Leng Hua take. In the conference, she meets one of her cousins from her mother’s side. She was rude so the MC taught her a lesson.

The MC goes back to the Six Star Academy to participate in a meet between Academies and they took a trip to a Two Star Academy. They were asked to stay in the Academy’s “Holy Land" and they have to compete in their cultivation ranking for the next month.

The MC drained all the spirit in the Holy Land, including the life force of all the plants. In compensation, the president of the Two Star Academy asked her to stay as a Teacher in their academy for a year since she has already ranked up to Gold Dan and can no longer participate in the meet.

The MC’s only task in the academy is to take care of four students who don’t come to the academy.

The first one was the 10th Prince of the 2nd rank Kingdom, Duan Ye. She just told him that they will be going to Hell Mountain and he willingly came along. The second one was addicted to making money, Ning Lang. She got his parents to agree to drug him (make him sleep) while she took him away. When he tried to run away, he was mobbed and taken to be sold as a slave. With the cooperation of the slave market owner, the MC asked for Ning Lang to be taught a lesson so that he doesn’t run away again.

The third one was Song Ming, he had unfinished business in his family; his mother died when he was 5 years old. When the second lady of the Song family, Song Ming’s father’s second wife’s son complained that he was beaten up by Duan Ye and Ning Lang for no reason, the second lady tried to poison Feng Jiu and the others. Song Ming’s half-younger brother lied and he tried to take away Swallowing Cloud.

In revenge, the MC made the second lady take a pill that made her grow older overnight. The MC also had the Black Market gather information about the second lady and send it to the Liu father, Song Ming’s mother’s house. The MC and the other two visited the Song family and the Liu and the Song families' head immediately knew that she was the Ghost Doctor. She told them that she was a Two Star Academy teacher and she was there to take away Song Ming.

The second lady was ordered to take poisonous wine but before she did, a Song family elder told her who she had offended, the Ghost Doctor. After everything had settled down, the four left the town.

On the way to get the last person, they were captured by an evil organization. They pretended that they had fainted due to the drug the evil organization used and turned the tables against them. In the end, they eradicated the entire organization.

When they got to the city, the last person, Luo Fei, was waiting for them. Luo Fei tried to trick the MC into getting drunk but was unsuccessful. When Luo Fei asked for his aide to help him capture the MC and send her to a serving house, the MC who was listening, hit his acupuncture point and grabbed him and placed him on her bed. Luo Fei’s aide ended up grabbing him instead.

The next day, the MC and the others said goodbye to Luo Fei’s parents before going to see Luo Fei. He was wearing really thin clothing tied to a bed. The MC started to tease him and asked him if he was willing to go with them. Although the MC sealed his cultivation and he couldn’t speak, the MC said he could still nod or shake his head in response. In the end, he had no choice but to nod.

They took the flying boat to the base of Hell Mountain. When they were about to enter, a concerned and helpful mercenary warned them, but they ended up entering anyway.

Inside the Hell Mountain, they were met up with many dangers to the point where they couldn’t even take a proper rest. The MC then decided that they have to increase their strength for the next month in a safe environment and she set up a barrier around where they were. By the end of the month, the MC told them that they had to gather 100 monster crystals. The losers will have a punishment.

In the end, Song Ming and Ning Lang won by killing evil cultivators and stealing their cosmo bags and Duan Ye and Luo Fei had to eat worms. Duan Ye and Luo Fei won the next round. After the MC thought they were strong enough, they left the barrier but were faced with even more danger. When there was only a couple of months left to the promised year, the MC took them to another place and set up a barrier again.

Duan Ye was first to reach Gold Dan followed up Song Ming, Luo Fei, and Ning Lang. When the year was also up, the MC also advanced to Yuan Ying. When they were about to leave Hell Mountain, they met up with the same mercenary who tried to warn and help them. He had been betrayed by his companions. He was heavily injured so his companions took his cosmo bag and only left him with a rusty dagger and left to die. The MC used the power of the lotus for the first time to heal him. Lu Shan, the mercenary, then vowed to the heavens to serve the MC.

When they reached the town, the MC told them where she would be going, the first rank kingdom and then Eight Empires, the four guys decided to enroll in the One Star Academy and promised to meet the MC in the Eight Empires. The MC left them while they were still sleeping.

When she reached the 1st rank Kingdom, everyone seems to have known that she was the Ghost Doctor and every major family decided to send representatives to wait at the inn she was staying at.

When the MC was shopping around for pieces of jewelry for Leng Shung and her grandmother, the cousin she met before tried to make trouble with her and the MC beat her up again. They also met up with the mercenaries Lu Shan was a part of and the new leader tried to make it look like Lu Shan had abandoned them. When the new leader was defeated and Lu Shan told him to leave, he tried to attack when Lu Shan turned around. The MC then used 3 needles to kill him.

Shangguang Wanrong's father and brother found out that the MC was Feng Xiao's daughter and tried to make her go back to their family, she said she didn't know them. They wanted to use the fame of the Ghost Doctor because their family was falling down in ranks. It was mentioned that her maternal grandfather had no feelings for her, he just wanted her fame to boost the family.

The third Elder of the family whom the MC had good relations with told the head of the family that it wasn't a good idea to force the MC to come to their house, but they insisted that it was her good fortune they were inviting her. The third Elder also mentioned that the Shangguang family is like an empty house. Since Shangguang Wanrong was taken to the Eight Empires as a disciple of another alchemist, there was no other talented alchemist in the family. And the MC has her title as the Ghost Doctor, which is even higher than the Shangguang family name.

Everyone found out that the MC was the Princess of a 6th rank Kingdom, Phoenix Dynasty (kingdom), Feng Qingge.

The Emperor of the kingdom asked the MC to visit the palace. She stayed there for a couple of days. The Emperor was very polite to her and asked her if she had a fiance. He thought that she didn't, but was surprised when the MC told him that he made a promise with the Hell Palace's Hell King. The Emperor mentioned that the Hell Palace had connections with the Eight Empires and if the Phoenix Dynasty used that connection, it wouldn't be strange for them to be a 1st rank Kingdom already instead of 6th.

The Shangguang family elders then visited the palace to get the Emperor to order the MC to go to their house. The Emperor disagreed. The Shangguang elder then said that Feng Xiao's memory had been sealed so it wouldn't be strange that the MC didn't know who they were and they had no choice but to visit Phoenix Dynasty.

The MC then goes back to the Six Star Academy to pick up Little Black. Since it had advanced, it was able to turn into a small Little Black; it looked like a teddy bear. It was mentioned that the MC loved fluffy things.

She also found out the Ye Jing was forced to go home because of a marriage order and ended up becoming sick. Her family didn't want her to marry a Prince but they were being put under pressure. The MC visited her house saying that she was Ye Jing's best friend. Her parents thought that the MC was a guy, but Ye Jing cleared it up. The MC asked the Black Market to take care of it. The Prince went to the Ye house and personally apologize.

Ye Jing's parents then found out that she was the Ghost Doctor. She stayed for a couple of days before heading back to the Phoenix Dynasty. She only took Leng Shuang and Leng Hua with her. She took Ye Jing around the kingdom. Ye Jing mentioned that the MC was well-liked in the Kingdom and everyone seemed to know her. The MC explained that before she became a princess, she was just a daughter of a general and liked to walk around.

The MC went to the palace and told her father everything she had found out. Her mother was imprisoned before being taken away by an alchemist from the Eight Empires. Feng Xiao got angry with the Shangguang Family because they actually imprisoned their own daughter.

The MC then decided to go to the Eight Empires. This time she took Du Fan, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua.

Note: Xiang Hua was murdered by the ML's enemies. They tried to find out about the MC using Soul Search, so he blew up his cultivation before they could get any information.

The ML lost all track of the MC so he got worried and asked for people to find her. The MC on the other hand, after buying a house and planning to set up a medicine house, got herself employed at the ML's house without him knowing. Grey Wolf tried to get the MC to clean the toilet for him, but the MC told him that the ML asked him to clean in personally or else his punishment will increase 100 times. In the beginning, the ML's steward, Yang Yong, thought that she was trying to get close to the ML in order to assassinate him.

The MC showed Yang Yong the necklace that the ML gave to her and Yang Yong immediately realized who she was. The MC told him to keep it a secret from everyone else. Unbeknownst to her, the ML already knew who she was the moment he saw her and was watching her talking to Yang Yong but he couldn't hear them. She told Yang Yong that she will be staying for a few months and then leave the city. If the ML doesn't find out who she was, then that's that.

That night, the ML asked for someone to serve him and kept asking the person to be changed until Grey Wolf summoned the MC. Yang Yong immediately knew that the ML knew who she was. When the ML took the MC to his room, Shadow One also realized who she was. Only Grey Wolf had no idea.

The next day when she was trying to wake up the ML, the ML pulled her into his bed. She only had an inkling that he knew who she was but now she was 100% sure. The ML asked her why she didn't send a message that she will come to the Eight Empires, he would have sent people to pick her up. She said she wanted to surprise him.

The MC then praised Yang Yong, how he was really reliable, more reliable than Grey Wolf. The ML got really jealous. The ML then said he will be going to the palace and asked if she wanted to come. She said she doesn't want to change to a female outfit just yet.

The Emperor then told the ML that the Crown Prince and Third Princess of Red Water (Chishui), also one of th Eight Empires, were coming to visit. The Emperor wanted to pair up the third princess and the ML. The ML declined by saying he already had someone in mind. When the Emperor asked who, the ML told him that it was the MC who saved him. The ML told the MC that they will be staying at the north compound of his house.

The Prince tried to injure the MC so she made him a little sick. He was stuck in bed for a couple of days. The third princess who then met the ML decided that the ML a good marriage partner for her and tried to get close to him. The ML straightforwardly told her that he wasn't interested in her.

A couple of days later, the ML invited them to go hunt. During the hunt, the third princess tried her best to get close to the ML but was ignored. The Prince of the other hand purposely tried to shoot the MC through her heart. The MC luckily dodged it and Grey Wolf gave him a warning. The ML arrived a little later and also gave the Prince a warning.

A while later, the Prince asked the MC to compare him with. The ML accepted it for her. When the Prince was about to get defeated, he turned around and rushed for the MC, almost ripped her clothes. He ended up tearing her sleeves, revealing her white jade arm, which made the ML extremely angry to the point of almost killing him. Everyone in the hunt then found out that the MC was female. The MC stopped the ML from snapping the prince's neck.

When they return to the ML's house, the MC changed to her red female clothing. The ML then took the MC to meet with the Emperor. The Emperor, who already had a bad impression of the MC, had even worse impression because of what happened during the hunt.

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