MGD: Chapters 601 to 650

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Summaries

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The Princes from other Kingdoms walked up to the MC and tried to stop her. They wanted her to entertain them since it was her Grandfather's upcoming wedding and their Kingdom invited them to join in on the celebration.

The MC said she had no time but the Princes kept bugging her. After a while, even the Princesses from other kingdoms joined in and challenged her to "exchange pointers" (a spar), They ended up signing their names to an agreement contract where one is responsible for their own actions. Their injuries are their own fault.

In the end, the MC beat all of them up. The Feng guards who saw what was happening shook their heads and just watched from afar. When the Princes arrived at the banquet hall where their parents were having a feast, it got all awkward because they had bruises on their faces.

MC arrives at the banquets and the rulers from the other kingdoms started to praise her cultivation rank and asked her to exchange pointers with the other Princes. When the other Princes found out her actual cultivation they were shocked and felt tricked. They all found her shameless. But they still had exchange pointers with her again.

A day before the wedding, Guan Xilan arrived home. Feng Xiao asked her what happened and told him everything.

After the wedding, MC spent all her time studying alchemy but after 3 months she still hadn’t been able to concoct a 3 rank pill. Only half a month after that did she succeed.

A few days later she left to go to the Six Star Academy. While walking around the city, she was harmed by old by, tossing her off his back and landing on one of the top ten beauties of Six Star Academy, even touching her boob. The MC was then beaten up.

When she returned to the in and cultivate, she found that her strength was disappearing. She then found out at it was because of the lotus porridge that an old man made her eat. She then found that there was a blue lotus in her dantian.

In the morning she wakes up and met a strange guy by the name of Xiao Yihan who then tells her that she was his idol for touching the beauty, Ye Jing. The boy invites her out on a day ink, she was mistaken by another man as a girl and called her fairy. When he was sober he apologized.

Xiao Yihan then invited her to the black market to watch matches in the arena. The elder there asked one of the staff to take care of her but didn’t say why. She asked them to look into her brother who has yet to arrive and the registration was right around the corner.

The next day was the registration and MC told Xiao Yihan that she was registering to the alchemy branch. When she was about to register, she found that a handsome guy dressed in white was looking at her intently. When she was about to say something to the guy, the guy closed his eyes to state that he wasn't interested in talking to her. The alchemy branch was known to have really harsh exams. But to her surprise, they only asked her to list 100 herbs and uses? Before asking her to differentiate two similar ones before accepting her.

Guan Xilan got into a fight with one of the teachers because the teacher wouldn’t let him register. The vice headmaster who gave the MC the token and was waiting for the MC to arrive stopped the fight and fired the teacher. He then asked Guan Xilan how he was related to the MC. He then replied that her father was his adoptive father.

The next day when the MC when for her orientation, she was puzzled why no one was there. The two teachers who admitted her explained that she was the only student this year.

When the MC was about to go to the canteen to get some food to eat, a staff told her that it was demolished and told her the meaning of academic credits and what they can be exchanged for. She decided to take up a quest to get fire crystals in a nearby Beast Mountain. 500 crystals within a month. Before she left for the mountains, she went to the kitchen where the cooks were preparing for the teachers and stole the food. But when she was eating the stolen food, the guy in white caught her red-handed. She then offered him a share.

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