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Chapter 565
The MC and the others went to the Lin Family to visit her grandfather.

Lin Boheng saw the two people sitting, he was startled to see the man wearing black clothing. He was afraid of what the man might do. Moving his gaze towards the other person, he thought that the young boy was very good looking, a bit arrogant, and his aura was unrestrained and free-spirited. As for the black-clothed man, he didn't dare to evaluate him.

Lin Boheng was surprised when the MC introduced herself. The young boy was actually Feng Sanyuan's granddaughter. Instead of calling him Family Head Lin, he asked the MC to call him grandfather/grandpa Lin. He apologized for taking Feng Sanyuan away, but the MC said she didn't blame him, for she had already found information regarding her grandfather and soon to be step-grandmother.

When Feng Sanyuan entered the room, he saw his granddaughter and ran away. Instead of being shocked or surprised, like she thought her grandfather would be, he was scared.

Lin Boheng then explained that he was just shy because of the situation between him and Lin Suxi. He then took them to the yard Fen Sanyuan would be hiding in.

When the MC met Lin Suxi, she called her Aunt Suxi and told her about the painting of her that her grandfather was hiding. Feng Sanyuan knew he couldn't hide, he bit the bullet and told the MC that he needed to go back to Phoenix Dynasty.

Side Note: Lin Boheng received information regarding the death of Murong Bo and the rise of Feng Xiao and the Phoenix Dynasty. He delivered this information to Feng Sanyuan. I forgot which chapter.

When the MC was looking around, she found that there weren't any children and youths around. The ML told her that they were probably all in school and will only return once or twice a year. The MC then asked about the children in Phoenix Dynasty. The ML told her that they haven't reached that level, and they can only qualify to go to school once every three years.

The MC told the ML that she will go to Six Star Academy. The ML encouraged her that she can do it with her qualification. He still doesn't know that she has been permitted to attend without even taking the exam.

Grandfather Feng still feels embarrassed about getting married again. The MC told him that she has some potion that will be able to help him advance his cultivation. They then bid Lin Boheng, Lin Suxi, and Lin Chengzhi farewell. They went back to Phoenix Dynasty.

When they returned, because grandfather Feng was still embarrassed, the MC told Feng Xiao about his marriage instead. Feng Xiao then decided that the wedding will be held on the 13th day of the 12th month.

Chapter 577 (Pretty much a translation.)
The ML announced that he had to leave because of some matter he has to take care of. He said that he might not be able to meet her for a while. Although he wanted to attend her grandfather's wedding and see her at Six Star Academy, it was impossible now.

ML: You don't have anything else to say to this Prince?

MC: Take care.

ML: With all this Prince has done for you all these days, you don't have any reaction? This Prince is leaving, you should let me know how you feel. Now is not the time to avoid the issue. Give this Prince an answer.

MC: Can I say that I still don't accept, and will you leave it as that?

ML: No! You are the woman this Prince has taken an interest in, you can only be this Prince's woman!

MC: Your feelings, your intention, I feel it all. However, there's still an unsolved knot in my heart. I don't want to accept your feelings under such circumstance. And with your status, I don't know how long you'll have that feeling, and can your love for me can stand the test of time? When a woman invests her feelings, she will completely invest herself. But once a man professes his feelings, it will gradually decrease over time. So if you want me to give you an answer, my answer is, do you dare to wait for me for a decade?

She looked at the ML. This time, she didn't try to avoid giving him an answer. No longer playing the fool, but was very clear.

MC: After ten years, if your feelings have not wavered, you still stand firm with the decision you made today, and if you still dare to tell me: Feng Jiu, I am pleased with you; then I will marry you.

Hearing this, the ML's heart was slightly moved. He felt her fear. She was afraid to get hurt. She was afraid of giving her affection. She was afraid that after falling in love with him, his feelings could not withstand the test of time. He showed him her current unconfident self and fragile heart. Showed him her sense of insecurity. He felt distressed and wanted to tell her: I will only love a single person in this life. However, he couldn't say it. Instead of saying this, it would be better to use time and his actions to prove that he would only love her and it will not change in this life.

MC: In ten years, if we don't meet, just wait for me in the empire. After ten years, I will seek you for an answer. What I admire is "One lifetime, one couple," so if I find out that you have other women around you, then you don't have to wait. The agreement will be void. I will not give you a second chance.

When she looked at him under the morning sun, his brows and dark pupils looking at her with deep affection, and sexy thin lips with a slight arc, revealing a charming smile, she couldn't help but wrap an arm around his neck and pull his head down and kiss those sexy thin lips...

Note: I am bad at translating kissing scenes so if you're not satisfied... GOOGLE IT PLEASE! (Chapter 579)

Xuanyuan Moze was shocked by the way she wrapped an arm around his neck, got on her tippy-toes, and pulled his neck down for a kiss. That soft sensation instantly revitalized him. He used an arm to wrap around her waist and another to hold her head. Changing from being passive to being active, he deepened the kiss.

Sensing the man's inexperienced kisses, she chuckled. While guiding him, she bit his lips.

When Xuanyuan Moze felt her skillful kissing technique, using her tongue to guide him until her soft body was leaning against him. When they separated he asked, "Who taught you?"

MC: What?

Feng Jiu did not react until she saw his deep eyes staring at her lips. She chuckled and said, "I have never practiced before. It was written in a book! Don't you know about it?"

ML Thinking: It was written in a book? It seems that when he goes back, he needs to ask Grey Wolf to find a few books for him to study.

Chapter 580
The MC sent the ML away. The MC then bought a lot of items and materials from the Black Market in order to make potions to give away as bridal gifts. She ended up making 100 potions, before returning to Three Rivers City.

The MC arrived in front of the Lin Household in a luxury spaceship with "Double Happiness*" written on it.

Double Happiness - a symbol of good luck, especially in marriage.

The MC then had the boxes delivered inside the Lin Family. Handed a list to someone to read out the dowry. Grandpa Lin tried to make the MC stay, but she said she still had other things to do.

Chapter 593
Lin Suxi's mother and father then arrived home. Lin Chengzhi told them that he doesn't think the 100 bottles of potions were common as they believed it to be. The old man (Lin Boheng's father) asked for the box to be carried out for them to verify its contents. The box was placed in the middle of the hall.

When they opened the boxes, they found that there were 50 bottles on the top, and another 50 bottles in the bottom. When Lin Boheng took out one of the bottles, the old man found that the labels (pattern) on the bottles were quite familiar and asked his second child.

The second son also found it familiar. And then it hit them. They were shocked by the realization. However, the other people next to them were still clueless.

Lin Laoer (Second son): Big brother, this bottle isn't really sent by someone from Phoenix Dynasty, right?

Lin Boheng: That's right. What's going on? Is there a problem with this potion?

Lin Laoer: Big brother, and other family members, have you heard of the Pharmacist named the Ghost Doctor?

Someone: I have heard of him and that person's potion is extremely precious. It is considered priceless possessions in major countries. That person has become a living legend.

Someone else: More than a legend! He very few of his potions are being circulated, but each bottle is extremely precious. How many people do you think are stumped in their cultivation? If a person uses one of his advancement potions, that person can breakthrough their bottleneck smoothly. Each bottle of his potion is worth its price. But even if someone with a lot of money wants to buy, he might still not be able to buy one.

Old Man: At one time I saw a bottle of the Ghost Doctor's advancement potion at the Black Market auction. When I looked around, I saw that all the major families had sent a representative to compete for the bottle. The final price of the bottle of advancement potion was astonishingly high...

Lin Laoer: Father wanted to bid but the price was just too high. When the auction ended, and I was at the door, I saw the specific pattern used by the Ghost Doctor. You guys take a look. It was this pattern. This pattern is something I'll never forget. (He took out a drawing)

The crowd was stunned for a moment before asking: So what? What does it have to do with these bottles?

Only then were Lin Boheng, Lin Chengzhi, and the old man completely startled, their hearts shook, and suddenly strode forward. They picked up a bottle of potion from the box and compared the label to the drawing.

"This, the two patterns are exactly the same!"


In the next moment, the family members were all trying to get closer to take a loot.

"Stand still and don't move!"

The old man looked at the bottle and the drawing closer. Someone wanted to say something, but no words came out. They were all looking at the old man, no one moved, and the entire hall calmed down.

"The label on the bottle and the drawing is exactly the same. However, what kind of potion is inside the bottles are still unclear. Afterall, there are 100 bottles. If it was really concocted by the Ghost Doctor, this is no small matter."

The old man then issued a gag order regarding the event. If it was really made by the Ghost Doctor, it would bring a calamity to the Lin Family if word gets out.

Since there were many bottles, the old man asked to open the second compartment. Lin Boheng opened it and found a note. He then gave it to the old man to read.

"Old Family Head, what does it say?" And elder asked.

"It says that 50 bottles are advancement potions. There are five types of potions, 10 bottles each treating trauma, internal injuries, detoxification. A total of 100 bottles of potions, all concocted by the hands of the Ghost Doctor!"

The old man was extremely happy. But then Lin Chengzhi reminded him that those bottles were given to Lin Suxi. and the room went quiet.

The old man concluded that the Feng family don't expect Lin Suxi to bring it back to them. They would replace those bottles with something else. They started to wonder why the Feng family had so many bottles of potions.

The old man then asked Lin Boheng to keep all the bottles because it was too precious and must not be abused.

The Lin family then started to think that Feng Jiu is the Ghost Doctor because she mentioned to Lin Boheng that her grandfather advanced to the next cultivation stage within days, and will be advancing again in the coming days.

Lin Chengzhi asked if they should call their younger generation home; those of the same age as Feng Jiu. When the meeting disbanded, Lin Boheng reminded his son that he should put more thoughts to what he was going to say because he will be the next head.

While on the way back from the Lin family, the MC devoted her time to her cultivation. While she was in her space, the little fire phoenix handed her some ginseng root. She asked if he wanted to go out. Stating that if he does nothing but eating ginseng all day, he will eventually become fat. After some teasing from the MC, the little fire phoenix agreed to come out.

When she saw the red-faced little fire phoenix, she asked if he stole alcohol. He blatantly lied and said no.

Visitors have arrived and they were in the Imperial Palace touring the palace, drinking tea, wine tasting, enjoying the flowers, but most of the Princes were talking about Feng Qingge. They talked about how she rejected the Prince from a 6th rank Kingdom, Nie Teng, so she couldn't be ordinary.

When they were about to walk away, they saw a figure not far away walking pass by them.

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