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Chapter 523
After passing the exam, the MC asked Old Yu to called her Little Jiu or Little Nine instead of calling her Brother Feng. Old Yu asked the MC if he would like to sell the potion she concoction, and he would buy it on behalf of the Pharmacy Guild. He also asked if she would like to be a Visiting (Keqing)* Elder of the Guild.

客 (ke) - Guest
卿 (qing) - High-ranked official

The MC responded that he potions are generally auctioned and she didn't intend to sell it. As for being an Elder, she said she was only passing by the Kingdom and wouldn't stay for long.

Old Yu wanted to explain to her what Visiting Elder meant, but she stopped him stating that she was only there to take the exam. Old Yu wanted to persuade him because a lot of people would die just to get an invitation but the MC is too whimsical and dismissed her chance. It was the first time he had met such a person.

After receiving her badge, she excused herself by saying that he friend was still waiting for her. She also asked Old Yu to keep her identity a secret, especially her name.

When she reached the restaurant to meet up with the ML, with her nose high up in the sky, she said, "Haha, do you know that this young master likes to show off? Although this young master is indifferent to fame and fortune, if it's not for the benefits of this Saint badge, I wouldn't have bothered to take the exam."

At the same time, she looked at the ML and said with a smile, "Let me tell you, when I was taking the exam, the examiners thought I was there to waste drugs and when I produced my potion, they asked me to be an elder of their guild."

Grey Wolf and Shadow One were shocked that she turned down the offer to become an Elder. The ML just looked at her and smiled under his thick beard but no one could see it. When the MC noticed their strange expressions, she asked them what was wrong. They then explained to her the benefits of becoming an Elder.

ML: Keqing (Elder) represented extraordinary power. They can also enjoy various "welfare" in the Pharmacy Guild and have them as a shelter. Every year they receive a large number of "offerings," hundreds of treasures and drugs/pills. In addition, they are free to participate in all major events organized by the Pharmacy Guild. There are also various facilities within the Pharmacy Guild only available to Elders. The badge you took the exam for is something commonplace compared to the significance of being an Elder. I didn't expect you to be so indifferent to face and fortune that you will completely reject it (sarcasm).

The MC then started blaming Old Yu because he didn't explain it properly (he didn't get a chance to).

MC: That old man only said that it was something good. I thought the benefits were just ordinary! If he wanted to hook people in, he can't just give a subtle description! You can't blame me for this! Uncle (ML), do you think I should go back and accept this Elder position?

The MC then slapped the table and shouted, "That is not okay! What about my indifferent personality? What about my pride? How can I go knocking back on the doors? AHHHH! I blame everything on that old man!"

Looking at her, the ML smiled and said, "If you agree to marry me, there are even more benefits. Do you want to think about it?"

The MC pretended that she didn't hear anything. Leng Hua told her that he heard from the people about how delicious pig trotters with special sauce are in the city. She told him he didn't have to go buy it, Grey Wolf can do it. She told him she would give him something the next day as thanks and quickly ran out of the building.

Seeing her, the ML laughed at her actions. And because the MC said she would give something to Grey Wolf, he was jealous that she always asked him to run errands and is getting close to the MC. He then caught up with her.

Back at the inn, the innkeeper had cold sweats because the president of the Black Market had been waiting since early morning. And luckily, the innkeeper saw the MC returning.

When the MC saw the president, she asked if he's been waiting long and invited him to a meal together with the ML. The president then gave the MC a bunch of gifts and asked for her help. He had been stuck at a certain stage in his cultivation and none of the other doctors he had seen knew why.

When the MC was about to check the president's pulse, the ML coughed and looked at Leng Hua. Leng Hua then provided a cloth to cover the president's arm before the MC could take his pulse. Because of his actions, the president also assumed the ML is bent.

The president had been injured more than 20 years ago and that caused his cultivation to stagnate and only a 6th rank pill could cure him. Although the MC was unable to cure him, the president was still grateful because he finally knew why his cultivation had stagnated and its cure.

The MC gave the potion she made during the exam to Grey Wolf since he's been at Golden Dan for a while now. Grey Wolf explained that he reached that level way too early compared to others, and the ML gave them a lot of drugs to accelerate their cultivation.

Chapter 532
Note: I'm not great at translating Cultivate Stages, so please cut me some slack :D

After giving Grey Wolf his gift, the MC went to for a nap. When Shadow One saw what he was holding, he said Grey Wolf was in luck because the potency of the potion created by the MC is now worse than that of "those people" and maybe when he drinks the potion, he can enter Yuan Ying (Foundation Stage?)

Grey Wolf mentioned that the ML told him not to advance just yet since he has yet to stabilize his current stage. When he finished stabilizing, he can then enter the next stage and his foundation would be more stable and his road to cultivation will be even longer.

When they looked for their master, ML, they found him with a woman. They thought that she looked familiar, and she was actually one of the teachers in the Six Star Academy along with Ling Mohan. She was his stalker. The ML asked where the MC was, but she was already sleeping.

Grey Wolf and Shadow One wondered what the MC would do/say when she sees the woman. Jealous, they couldn't imagine it. Anger, maybe. They waited until the MC woke up, but she didn't wake up until it was already dark outside.

When she went downstairs, she found that the ML was quietly sipping tea with a pretty woman. She thought it was strange and asked if the ML actually brought a woman back. Grey Wolf corrected her and said that the ML didn't bring her back but she followed the ML back.

The MC walked up to the ML, placed a hand on the ML's shoulder. and leaned over next to his ear, "Uncle, who's this pretty sister?"

When the ML saw that she was awake, he grabbed her hand and dragged her into his arms and didn't let go.

"Awake? Did you sleep well?"

The woman's eyes widened and so did the rest of the guests on the first floor of the inn, staring at the two people blankly.

Chapter 535
The MC didn't expect the ML to do this, she didn't think he would be so shameless. She wanted to tease him, but who knew he would play along? Since he wanted to play, she would play until the end.

The MC put her hands around his neck and buried her face next to his neck, "Uncle wasn't with me so I had a bad nap."

The ML's body suddenly froze. His entire body stiffened, 'This wicked little woman, unintentionally or not, was breathing on his neck like a kitten purring.' Lighting a fire in him.

The MC, looking like she was finally wide awake, looked around the room like a shy woman, "Uncle, you let go of me! This is the first floor, there's a lot of people looking."

The woman finally understood why the ML was never interested in her. It wasn't because she didn't have enough charm, nor was she not good looking, but it turns out, he was simply a bent man! He only liked men!

The four people who were watching their masters "coming out" in front of a lot of people from the side, looked very helpless. The two masters didn't care for the eyes of others. But when the people looked at the four of them with strange gazes, they felt their scalp tingling.

The woman, unable to stand the flirting, immediately excused herself. Fortunately, she discovered early!

That night, 15th of the month, when the ML's Thousand Year Old Cold Poison was supposed to flare up, assassins arrived. The ML quickly took care of them. The ML went to the MC's room to sleep together with her as an excuse to ensure her safety. She was rolled into a dumpling by the ML using blankets. By the next morning, it was as though nothing happened.

Old Yu came to visit the MC early morning. Because of the MC's exam, even the president who was in closed-door refining practiced was alarmed. It was already rare for their guild branch to conduct a Saint badge exam, and it was unheard of for the examinee to be a 16-year-old. If they miss such a good seed, they would surely regret it in the future. After some consultation, the president and Old Yu decided to visit the MC to persuade her to join as Visiting Elder. They were sure that her achievements in the future would be boundless.

The MC was still in bed when the president and Old Yu arrived. The ML then asked Leng Shuang to tell the MC, but when the MC heard Leng Shuang, the MC immediately wanted to jump out of bed, scaring Leng Shuang.

When she heard what the old man (Old Yu) said, she was secretly happy but remained hesitant. In the end, she, of course, accepted being an elder. Old Yu promptly handed her a jade card especially given to Elders (Keqing).

After the MC sent the president and Old Yu, she started to speculate the ML's true identity. She then showed off her newly acquired card to Grey Wolf.

Two days later, the president of the Black Market came to deliver information about her grandfather. He was staying in Three Rivers City in Da Yan Kingdom. He also told the MC about the woman, Lin Suxi. How she fell in love with her grandfather and waited for him for decades. The MC also knew that her grandfather was probably hesitant because Lin Suxi ate a pill that allowed her to stay young, while he looked like an old man. But she was confident that she would be able to make him look younger.

The MC decided to leave as soon as possible for Three Rivers City. She also threatened the MC that if the ML sneaks into her room, she will make him suffer like Grey Wolf (erectile dysfunction).

Chapter 547
In the Lin family

Lin Suxi was still trying to convince Feng Sanyuan (MC's grandfather) but he keeps running away from her. Feng Sanyuan left the house and started drinking on the streets, while Lin Suxi watched from afar.

Lin Suxi's nephew, Lin Chengzhi, grabbed a couple bottles of alcohol from his collection and invited and got Feng Sanyuan drunk. After getting him drunk, he called out to his aunt saying that this was an opportunity. That night, "wedding night" happened. When Feng Sanyuan woke up the next day, he quickly tried to hide from Lin Suxi.

Soon, Lin Suxi's brother, Lin Boheng, arrived at the scene. In the end, Feng Sanyuan took responsibility and decided to marry Lin Suxi. He told Lin Boheng that he wants to go back to Phoenix Dynasty to prepare a grand wedding because he felt apologetic making her wait all those years (decades).

The MC and the others arrive at Three Rivers City, and she wondered if her grandfather will be surprised or shocked to see her.

Chapter 555
When they found an inn to stay in, the MC asked the ML his true identity; was it Hell Lord or Uncle Ling. He then responded that his real name was Xuanyuan Moze. The MC was shocked because the surname "Xuanyuan" is the surname of the Emperor of one of the Eight Great Empires, above 1st rank Kingdoms.

The lands of the Eight Great Empires are completely isolated from the "mortal" world, floating in the sky. They are also known as Mysterious Cities of the Sky. They hold a lot of power.

"So you have to get stronger. Only when you get stronger can you join me in challenging the wind and rain of the future. If my woman is too weak, it won't work."

He also mentioned that it was still too early to tell her, so he'll tell her the rest some other time.

The MC saw her grandfather shopping with a woman. They (MC, Leng Shuang, and Leng Hua) decided to follow them for a bit and then stopped. She said that there wasn't any need to. They were getting along just fine. Before returning to the inn, they stopped by to buy some food. Leng Shuang went alone to buy roasted chicken. But after a while, she didn't return. MC and Leng Hua got worried and tried to find her. When they got to the shop, they found out that she never made it there.

MC immediately went back to the inn and asked the ML for help. Grey Wolf went to talk to the hidden group protecting the ML. The ML also asked him to send people to protect the MC. MC went to the Black Market and also asked them for help.

Leng Shuang woke up and found herself bound and there were two people guarding her to make sure she doesn't escape. And their master was a pervert who like beautiful women.

MC was worried waiting for information on Leng Shuang when Grey Wolf barged into the room saying that there was news. Leng Shuang was kidnapped by a lustful man with the surname Zhong.

The MC asked Grey Wofl to take Leng Hua with him to save Leng Shuang before following after them.

When Leng Shuang had the chance, she killed the guards with techniques taught to her by the MC, took his dagger and killed the lusty man. When the MC arrived, Leng Shuang had already gotten away with only minor injuries. The MC then told Grey Wolf to burn the house down.

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