MGD: Chapters 501 to 522

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Summaries

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A few days later, Feng Jiu, the ML, and the rest of their party arrived at the border town of Da Yan (Da - Big, Yan - Quiet) Kingdom. When Grey Wolf showed the guards their token, the guards were very respectful. Because the ML was looking handsome and charming, she attracted a string of female admirers all the way to their inn. Although she complained that the females in this Kingdom are too welcoming, the ML retorted that she seems to have been enjoying herself (picking up girls).

The ML was sulking because the MC left the inn without telling him the next morning. The MC took Leng Shuang and Leng Hua to the Black Market in order to find information on who her grandfather might be staying with.

When the MC reached the Black Market she used the writ given to her by the president of the Black Market in the 6th rank Kingdom (her prize for winning the pharmacy meet on behalf of the Black Market), she was asked to wait for someone to serve her. The manager tried to trick her into giving up her writ. The manager thought that she must have rented it from someone else because she looked too young (male costume).

At first, the MC didn't know the purpose of the ring, thinking that she would just receive VIP treatment, but it was actually much, much more than that (a rank 1 black writ). She realized what the manager was doing and asked for the president.

When the president heard her description, he immediately rushed to where she was waiting and knew she was the Ghost Doctor. The president tried all kinds of ways to suck up to her and the MC asked him to just call him "Little Jiu or Little Nine).

When she got home, she found the ML sulking. So to pacify him, she told him she went out because of work (information gathering) and especially brought something back for him; "I heard from Grey Wolf that you like to eat walnut shortbread, so when I passed by a pastry shop on the way back, I bought some for you."

When they left the dining hall inside the inn, the people started talking:

"The way the man was looking at the boy was really strange."
"His eyes looked like he was looking at a woman."
"But that boy is really good looking."
"Don't you think that their relationship isn't normal? You guys don't think that he's bent (gay)?"

The next day, the Black Market President (the older? brother of the president in the 6th rank Kingdom) came to the in with a generous gift, but he was told that the MC left early morning.

The MC went to the Pharmacy Association/Guild for her Pharmacy Test. The ML told her that with a badge/emblem, she could enter other Kingdoms easier, so she decided to get one.

Because she was early, the MC was first to arrive to take her exam, she paid the fees and received the number 1. During the exam, when she finished gathering the materials she needed, the person-in-charge of the ingredients got mad at her, asking her why she took over 50 ingredients.

When the three examiners saw how much she had in her basket, they warned her as well. In response, the MC asked if he knew what exam she's taking.

Examiners: Isn't it just for a regular Pharmacy badge?

MC: No, you're wrong! I'm here to take the exam for the Saint badge.

Examiners: Are you here to make trouble little boy? Take the exam for a Saint badge? You're insane to even think of taking the Saint badge exam!

MC: I'm really here to take the Saint badge exam! I've also already paid the appropriate fees to take the Saint badge exam!

The examiners asked her if she had any badge at all, but the MC replied that this was actually the first time she's ever been to the Pharmacy Guild. She explained that although she doesn't have any badges, she's a very good pharmacist and she's going to take the exam for the Saint badge directly because taking the exams for the earlier badges are too time-consuming.

The approve of her exam but in one condition. If she wastes any of the ingredients she had in her basket, she has to pay 10 times the cost of the ingredients. In response, she asked the examiners to change the equipment to ones used for Saint badge exam because it was too low. The examiners changed the equipment and asked "Old Yu" to be her examiner.

Old Yu is a Saint Pharmacist in their Pharmacy Guild. And because it would be difficult to find even 10 Saint Pharmacist in hundreds of 3rd rank Kingdom, Old Yu's status is pretty high. He is also the only Saint Pharmacist in the Da Yan Kingdom.

When the MC first started out, she was quick without making any mistakes. But as she progressed, she kept using methods the examiners have never seen before, to the point where they actually thought she made a mistake and ruined the ingredients. However, after some time, there was a strong yet shocking scent emanating in the air... As time goes by, the rich fragrance gradually faded, only leaving a "pure" fragrance.

When Old Yu came to check her concoction, he immediately knew that she was a Saint Pharmacist. She has an impeccable approach to concocting and mastered the knowledge of refining drugs that he doesn't even understand. In addition, it only took her less than 3 hours.

Note: The length of the exam for a regular badge is 4 hours. I'm not sure about Saint exam.

The potion she creation was an advancement potion that can be taken by Martial Emperor (WuHuang) or XuanWu* (Lit: Black Tortoise. Mysterious Martial?).

The examiners asked Old Yu if the MC qualifies. Old Yu excitedly responded that she, of course, qualifies. He also mentioned that in the hundreds and hundreds of 3rd rank Kingdom he's been to, he hasn't seen such a case. And the same goes for 2nd rank Kingdoms. He asked the examiners to bring him the badge. He will personally put it on.

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