MGD: Chapters 473 to 500

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Summaries

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1) At this point, the Feng Guards have taken a vow under the heavens that they will serve the MC until they die. The MC then distributed advancement potion to help them with their cultivation. She also told them that she is the Ghost Doctor. The Feng Guards were shocked, and they felt it was only right that she asked them for their vow because that secret of hers was too big.

2) The Third Prince, Murong Yixuan confronted his father:
"Do you really think that no one knows that you're the one who tried to assassinate Feng Xiao?"

"Do you think no one knows that you tried to use someone else's dagger (Nie Teng) to destroy the Feng Family?"

"How can you be so naïve?!"

He then left the Kingdom stating that he didn't want to see the ruination of the Kingdom under his father's rule.

3) The ML introduced himself to the MC's father when he arrived at their house. He said to himself that since he was going to be his future father-in-law, there was no harm in trying to get into his good grace early on.

Before the Emperor's army arrived at the gates of the Feng Household, the ML asked if the MC needed help. She rejected it, and stood at the gates and waited. She then commanded for the gates to be opened when they arrived. Many onlookers were shocked by the Emperor's move and they were even more shocked when they realized that the cultivation of the Feng Guards had all increased.

Thanks to the potion the MC got the Emperor to take, it made the Emperor more irritable and blurted out all his misdeeds. The MC then told the people of the Emperor's army that if they put down their weapons, the Feng Guards will not harm them.

479) At that moment, Heaven's Blessing (A golden ray of light coming from the heavens) dropped onto the Feng Household. At first, the Emperor thought that a calamity had fallen upon the Feng Family, but then he realized that someone had advanced.

Feng Xiao had advanced to WuHuang level (rough translation: Martial Sovereign). He appeared in front of the Emperor with his spear.

"Feng, Feng Xiao! Why are you not dead!" (Emperor)

"Dead?" (FX)

"Dead, so that you can destroy my Feng Family? Dead, so that you can bully my daughter? My Feng Family have been the guardians of Sun Glory Kingdom and remained loyal to the Murong Family, but what did we get in exchange? You tried to have me assassinated? What did I, Feng Xiao, do that you had to get me assassinated?" (FX)

Feng Xiao declared that he wanted Murong Bo (the Emperor) to examine himself, he wasn't going to kill him despite everything he did. And when he dies, he will not touch the people from the Murong family as long as they are not guilty of anything. And they will not be hunted down.

Murong Bo spit out blood and laughed mournfully, looking exhausted and his body fell to the ground, breathing his last breath.

With the death of the former Emperor, the MC declared her father as the next Emperor and renamed the dynasty of Phoenix (Feng Huang, female-male Phoenix) Dynasty.

Feng Xiao became the new Emperor, but Feng Jiu decided to continue living in the Feng Mansion. She does have her own courtyard in the Palace.

Murong Yixuan heard about the death of his father, but he felt no anger towards the Feng Family because he knew that the fault was with his father. He knew that it was normal for the new Emperor to want to exterminate the other family members of the previous dynasty in case they want to take revenge. Thus, he also felt grateful to them that they didn't harm any of the Murong family members.

When the MC went to the Palace to visit her father, he saw him holding a jade, with his eyes all red. He told her about her mother. He also said that she ran away from home, and he met her while she was gathering herbs when she was attacked. When he returned her to her family, she was already pregnant. Her family wouldn't allow the two of them to be together because he was from a 9th rank Kingdom. But she threatened to kill herself if she was not allowed to give birth.

After she gave birth, the child was given to Feng Xiao before being sent away. Feng Xiao also mentioned that his memories were sealed by her father and was only unsealed when he broke through. The MC's mother's memory is probably sealed as well. Feng Xiao then told the MC that her mother was a very exceptional alchemist from a 1st rank Kingdom, the eldest young miss of the Shangguang family, Shangguang Wanrong.

The MC then finds out that the people who took her grandfather are from a 3rd rank Kingdom. Since she has reached a bottleneck in her cultivation, she decided to take a trip. The ML decided to go with her to find her grandfather. She takes Leng Shuang and Leng Hua with her.

Although the other Feng Guards wanted to go with her, she asked them to stay to protect her father and the Kingdom since it was newly formed and not stable yet.

The MC's grandfather is with the Lin Family. The Miss of the Lin family (Lin Suxi) fell in love with him, but he was already married by then. Although her father wanted to "do something" to help her, she decided to wait for him. She waited until she realized that his wife had already died for more than 10 years.

Before the MC and ML left, the MC dressed up in her red male costume, while the ML dressed up as Hell Lord with his silver mask. Because the ML looked charming, the MC told him to change his outfit to his uncle one. She didn't want his taking any attention away from her; preventing her from picking up girls.

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