MGD: Chapters 443 to 472

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Summaries

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Grandfather Feng (Feng Sanyuan) was kidnapped. With the help of the Black Market? and the ML's people, she was able to find some clues. She also found a picture of a beautiful woman in her grandfather's bedroom. With all the clues she had gathered, she found out that he was in no danger. Thus, she decided to settle the things with the Emperor first.

Since the Nie Teng and his party left the Kingdom with tails in between their legs, the Emperor was scared to death. He ordered 24-hour surveillance around the palace and Murong Yixuan.

The MC concocted a potion and asked Grey Wolf to deliver it to the Emperor. Grey Wolf did his job and asked what the potion was. The MC told him to just take a look at the Emperor the next day. The Emperor lost all his hair (Grey Wolf said it was so bald than you can polish it), he grew 10 years old every day, and his cultivation level was dropping by the day. Grey Wolf took a mental note not to offend the Ghost Doctor.

The Emperor summoned all physicians to take a look at him.

Because Leng Shuang was knocked out by Grey Wolf and Shadow One, she wanted to take revenge. But knowing that their cultivation was much higher than hers and she doesn't stand a chance, she sought her master's help.

The MC gave Leng Shuang a potion to make them have diarrhea? for 3 days and 3 nights. The two then sought for forgiveness and asked for the antidote. But according to the MC, since it wouldn't cause deaths, nor was it poison, so there was no antidote.

The ML asked the MC why she was avoiding him, and she made up some excuse. But when she got back to her room, she started to reminisce about Chen Feng, her first love.

She was tasked to assassinate him, and although he knew, he still got close to her. They even made a promise that he would marry her when she got older. She was only 15 then. However, he was killed by a woman who didn't want her opportunity to research abroad taken by him. The MC then realized that the woman was Su Ruoyun. She mentioned that she tortured the women for a year. She regretted letting her go so easily this life.

Leng Shuang mentioned to the ML that her master wasn't feeling right, and she only ate soup rather than her gluttonous usual self. The ML got the MC drunk on High-grade Spirit Wine, and she puked on him.

The Emperor, who was trying to find the Ghost Doctor to cure him, couldn't find a trace of him and immediately decided that it was the Feng Family who poisoned him. He then ordered his guards and soldiers to raze the Feng Household to the ground.

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