MGD: Chapters 306 to 442

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

The summary of this chapter was brought to you by AnmesicCat.

A Prince from a 6th rank Kingdom sent a message to the Emperor that he wants to take the MC as his concubine. Which Feng Xiao refused him flat.

Feeling threatened by the Feng Family (because he can't control them), the Emperor sent his close aides and guards to assassinate Feng Xiao (MC's Father) while he was taking Old Bai for a ride/exercise.

But thanks of the Dragon Horse Old Bai giving him some help, and the medicine (detoxification and healing), Feng Xiao was able to fight back and stayed alive enough to send out an emergency signal and wait for reinforcement to arrive.

Feng Xiao was saved by Feng Jiu. The Black Market also sent the family herbs, stating that it was from the Ghost Doctor, and they were tasked to take care of the Feng Family.

MC then took Luo Yu (One of the Feng Guards) back to the forest where she met Xuanyuan Moze (Uncle/Ling Mohan) to get some special rock/mud? While on their trip, the MC saves 4 old men from a blood cultivator, who then vowed to the heavens to serve her.

The Emperor's closest aides coveted the Dragon Horse and tried to steal it. However, the MC baited then out and kills them (2) with the help of the 4 men she saved.

Grey Wolf and Shadow One found out that the Ghost Doctor is actually a woman. When the ML heard the news, he was happy that the MC's engagement with Murong YX was canceled, but when he found out that a Prince wanted to steal her away; "No one steals this Prince's woman.

The little phoenix wakes up. He looked guilty to the MC and so she asked what he was hiding behind his back. She then finds out that he ate a part of the 1000-year-old ginseng.

Knowing that Feng Xiao was in a vegetative state, the Feng Family Branch arrived at the door to try and take charge. MC beat one of her cousins until his bones were broken. She also beat his father and scared them away.

The Nie Teng, the Prince, arrived at Kingdom to take the MC away. The Emperor conducted a banquet to welcome them. He also ordered the MC to join (and she must dress up to please), but she gave an excuse that she had no time.

Nie Teng and one of his aide were in the city of the 6th rank town where the MC was to take part of the Pharmacy Meet before she was kidnapped by the Hell (ML) Place. The MC met them when she went to the Black Market to ask what happened and who won. She was then given a flying boat and other treasures as rewards for winning.

Nie Teng then tried to follow the MC, but he was knocked off his flying sword when the MC used some kind of potion.

Nie Teng visited the Feng Family in secret. The MC used some kind of paralyzing potion around the house and caught him and beat him up. Although she knew he was the Prince, she sent him back to the palace saying that someone posing as the Prince trespassed their home.

A few days later, Nie Teng brought 100 boxes of gifts as the wife price/dowry to the Feng House.

At first, the MC told the Feng Guards to take 100 steps away from the door and then asked Leng Shuang and Luo Yu to throw bamboo bombs which had itching powder in it.

Some strong guy (old man) appeared and then the ML came to the rescue. The old man tried to escape with just his soul but was eaten by the little dog looking sacred beast (given by the ML to the MC). The MC then realized it wasn't a regular dog.

Scared of the ML, Nie Teng and the rest of his party hightailed out of the Kingdom.

The ML stayed at the MC's house, but she was tried to avoid him. He grabbed her, pushed her on the bed and kissed her~

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