LMS: Volume 47 Chapter 6

LMS, Moonlight Sculptor, Summaries, Volume 47 Chapter 6.

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Chapter 6: Records of the Hunt

Pale, Surka, and Zephyr sighed dramatically, while Romuna, Belleto, Surka, Zephyr, Irene, and Maylon looked at the distant mountains. They were blaming Weed for his insensitivity. Romuna then asked Belleto about Hwaryeong, to which she replied that she was not sure what was going on. It was mentioned that Hwaryeong had a crush on Weed and how she has always wanted to be near him. They also said didn't know why women liked Weed. Although they didn't understand Hwaryeong's feelings, they supported her anyway.

One of the people in the group commented that Weed was not normal because he didn't return the feelings of a beautiful celebrity. Zephyr thinks that Hwaryeong is charming, how she was an a-list singer, standing at the summit of celebrities. How Hwaryeong accompanied Weed on his adventures when the Arpen Kingdom was just starting up. However, despite it all, Weed got together with Seoyoon. As a result of them being a couple, Hwaryeong accepted the offer made by Haven Empire and became a Lord there. Weed and his party members haven't seen her in a long time, but she finally joined them on their adventure in the Land of Giants.

When Belleto saw Hwaryeong, tears ran down her eyes, but Hwaryeong smiled brightly. She explained that she was fine, and sometimes that's just how life is. She also took out a music score sheet while saying that she wrote it thanks to Weed. Weed was just a major crush.

When the rest of the party members saw the music sheet, they were silent for a while.

* * *

The level of the skill: Summon Undead has risen to 6.

Health and Mana regeneration will improve.

The bones of the skeletons will no longer break easily, it is now hard and has been strengthened.

Skeleton Soldiers will now have a bit of intelligence and will become more proficient in group combat.

Faith stat have decreased by 4.

Dignity and Courage stats have decreased by 1.

Weed created Undead Minions whenever there was a body. Every single time his skills leveled up, his various stats decreased.

"My heart is breaking, but there's no helping it."

During the battle, Weed ordered his Skeleton Archers and Mages to attack from a distance.

He then used Time Sculpture. The sculpture he created started to age right in front of his eyes as though dozens of years had passed.

He created a Masterpiece. A Bear? looking sculpture.

The Stadium.

The sculpture was made from metals that can be found in the Land of Giants.

A work of a Master Sculptor, Weed.

A masterpiece rich people would want to have in their collection.

Artistic Value: 988

Special Options:
When one views the Bear, Health and Mana recovery rate will be 23% faster during the day.
Maximum Health will increase by 20%
Attack will increase by 30.
You can use the skill unique of the Bear race, "Loud Chest Voice."

These effects will not stack with other sculptures.

Number of Masterpieces completed until now: 146

Fame has increased by 150.

Time Sculpting has increased.

You have smelted a new material. Blacksmith skill proficiency has increased.

"Hmm, not bad."

Weed found some new materials in the Land of Giants, smelted it, and his Blacksmith proficiency had increased, which was quite good. It then goes on to talk about the disadvantage of being a Necromancer. Back when he was just starting out, he would occasionally receive blessings from the Goddess thanks to his Faith. He knows that it would benefit him if he became a Priest or a Paladin, however, he didn't want to join a religious order. He wanted to continue being a "Vicious and Free King."

"Time Sculpting Status Window!"

Time Sculpting: Intermediate 7 (74%)

Beginner: Sculpture of Years
Sculptures will experience the passing of time. Sometimes the value of the sculpture will increase. This will also prevent the sculptures from being destroyed by nature's wear and tear.

Intermediate: Sculpture of Moments
Stop time in the world. Including Light, Wind, and Living Beings. It will require physical and mental strength. Special Energy is also required to be able to sculpt such sculpture. It will also consume more energy. Continuous use requires Health and Mana consumption.

Advanced: Sculpture of Travel
You can travel to a certain point in time. You can proceed with special quests. However, the sculptor involved will need to pay a heavy price for changing the past.

Current Time Energy: 7,281

Thanks to the War against Haven Empire and the adventure in the Land of the Giants, Weed's Time Sculpting has leveled up to Intermediate 7. He had also accumulated 7,281 Time Energy through political quests he needed to do as King.

He vowed that if he ever encounters someone from the Hermes guild again, he will chase them to the ends of the Earth, not leaving a single one of them alive.

Through battles, Yellowy, Cerberus, and Bahamorg had grown at an amazing pace.

Combat Achievement!

You have successfully hunted continuously inside the Labose dungeon.

Wisdom has increased by 1.

Weed summoned an Earth Golem, however, it was destroyed almost immediately, thus calling it "a useless bastard." After two days of fighting inside the Labose dungeon, they have finally encountered the boss.


You have arrived at the nest of the Labose Queen.

It is a very gooey place shrouded with darkness. It is a place where many breathe their last.

Fame has increased by 20.

Weed rushed inside the Queen's nest with his 240 Skeletons.

Inside the nest, there was something that looked like woven spider webs, and there were Elves, Dwarves, and Humans in it. In the center of the nest, there was a huge cauldron of boiling water, boiling adult men.

The Labose Queen resembled a large crocodile. When she saw Weed, she cried, "Intruders! You dare invade by sacred home. If you move even just a little, I will eat your boiled fellow human beings!"

"Boil them, go ahead and boil away."


"There are a lot of human beings, and at this point in time, there will always be someone who's dying somewhere. Starving and sick. Do you think I can save them all?"

"How can this... You ought to be noble. Aren't you the King of this Kingdom?"

Weed's reputation have already spread inside the dungeon.

"Forget it. Go ahead and kill. It's not like these people ever paid me taxes."

Fame has decreased by 35.

Notoriety has increased by 2.

Weed then ordered his Skeletons to advance. His Skeletons were stronger than before. Their bones were harder. They charged at the Labose Queen.

"I will not let you interfere with my meal time!" She then threw a man in the air and swallowed him.

His Skeletons were slowly decreasing in numbers while Weed observed the situation. Instinctively, Weed when approximately a hundred of his Skeletons were near the Queen, his eyes sharpened and he yelled, "Corpse Explosion!"

In an instant, parts of the Labose Queen's body were blown into bits.


Weed then chanted a spell to show the Queen's status information.

Labose Queen Galatelle

The origins of the Labose Race is unknown. After a long time, she lost the power to eat young giants and ventured out to hunt humans.

Once Labose settled on human men, she fled from the giants. She then learned basic magic. However, most of them were forgotten.

Health: 85% / 100%
Mana: 56% / 100%

The Labose Queen was more resistant than the giants and the skill level of Corpse Explosion were too low.

"Even so, it is still possible to hunt her down."

When Bahamorg knew that the person was strong, he was all geared up and ready to go.

He then used Curse Magic (Beginner Level 2).

Thanks to it, the Queen will be weakened by 3%. The power of the curse will also deplete the Queen's Health and Stamina by 240 every second.

Although the level was still low, it was a great skill.

Weed then yelled, "Power Charge!"

* * *

The assault of the Undead!

Thanks to the getting attacked by magic or by an explosion, she was unable to recover her body and Weed finally hunted her.

- Level has increased.

- Level has increased.

- The Labose Queen Galatelle was defeated and has entered eternal rest.

- Due to your great achievements, your Fame has increased by 530.

- Charisma has increased by 3.

- Strength has increased by 1.

- Intelligence has increased by 1.

Weed was satisfied with his progress, so was Bahamorg.

When people found out that the dungeon was cleared, although they were surprised, they weren't very shocked.

Weed also mentioned that Hermes Guild is enormous and they level up at a very fast pace. Thanks to his Skeletons, the speed when he's hunting has increased. He will continue to more and more progress.

* * *

Weed also cleared three other dungeons. The video footage of his hunt in the Land of Giants was sold to the broadcasting stations for a high price.

"Hunting as a Necromancer?"

"Yes, sir. And they are new? I bought five videos."

"Although Weed's adventures always had continuous record high ratings... but will this one be the same?"

The Station Executives were quite skeptical.

All of Weed's new videos were about hunting monsters inside dungeons. They wondered if it could keep viewers tuned in.

While CTS Media and other stations threaded carefully, KMC media decided to broadcast the video as soon as possible.

This bold move was conducted because their Director was a big fan of Weed. Whenever Weed's "shows" receive high ratings, the employees of KMC Media were rewarded with hefty bonuses.

The staff members of the station were in high spirits, and a notice was sent by the station.

The video of God of War and the King of Arpen Kingdom, Weed, hunting as a Necromancer will start showing in an hour. All of our regular programs will be canceled.

We thank our viewers for their support and their support.

- Whoa! Weed's hunt.

- Necromancer, as a Necromancer!

- I can smell that this will be huge!

- Weed will show us how powerful he is as a Necromancer and his Immortal Army.

The forum quickly became hot and controversy and admiration appeared regarding the profession.

People also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the profession.

- A Necromancer boom is about to happen!

- There weren't many people who are Sculptors, but there are many Necromancers!

- Necromancers are currently the strongest profession.

- You mean high-levelled Necromancers, right? Do not you know how much they have to suffer? It's really hard to hunt. Not many parties would accept them.

- Necromancers are so vulnerable when it comes to being assassinated or in battle. If you look from that point, they are the bottom of the scale.

And the conclusion?

- No matter what. Forgive. Because of the Sculpture of the Goddess. O Goddess of Grass Porridge.

- Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!

- Bamboo Shoots Division, gather here.

- Grass Porridge...!

The Grass Porridge Cult dominated!

- The debate finally ended. Grass Porridge!

- And there's only Grass Porridge. Grass Porridge!

- It doesn't matter what profession. Grass Porridge!

* * *

The station organized an emergency broadcast because of the video of Weed's hunt. Considering Weed's popularity, it would usually have high ratings, but they didn't have any expectation for Weed's hunting video.

Even in the beginning of Royal Road, there weren't many hunting videos broadcasted because of the series of the repetitive appearance of the same monsters.

Because of this, those videos would usually be cut short and regarded as exploration videos, dungeon raids, but not hunting expeditions.

Nevertheless, the station picked good hosts. Not Shin Hyemin or Oh Joowan. Ever since Royal Road began, they have continued to gain popularity. They picked new hosts, Han Sangho and Im Dana*, who received favorable responses from the viewers when they just started out. After the hosts learned the basics of being a Necromancer, it was time to for the broadcast.

[Note: This is is pronounced as "Yim Dan-ah."]

* * *

The broadcast started. Han Sangho made the introductions, describe the Land of the Giants, the mountain terrains, and how dangerous the location is.

Although it wasn't the first time the viewers were seeing it, it was the first time they've seen the dungeon, Boiling Lair of Devils.

Until the very last moment, the hosts were studying about Necromancers, so their knowledge about them wasn't very deep, and they weren't given any script, so they had to talk ad-lib.

It was also shown that the monsters inside were at least level 500. This information came from a user in the Northern Continent. It was also shown that his party of 10 was completely wiped out, including himself. But Weed was hunting alone inside this dungeon?

One of the comment: "His party was wiped out, and here was Weed hunting them alone? In addition, the monsters are high-levelled? What the hell."

While watching Weed's hunt, beads of sweats started to form in Han Sangho's forehead. Everything Weed did amazed him. His physique, the way he moved, and his close dodges from monsters.

'This is possible because it's Weed's hunt. But will he be successful in clearing the dungeon? Is success even possible?'

He then mentally commented that if Weed continued this pace and if nothing out of the ordinary jumps out at him, he might just be successful in clearing the dungeon.

Then he looked at how long the video was. It was 4 hours and 48 minutes.

In the video, Weed casually summoned an Earth Golem, Van Hawk, and Torido. Everyone watching was in awe of Weed. It was then stated that the Earth Golem was still a low skill, Summon Golem. And when hunting at lower areas, it could be quite handy.

"How on earth will he hunt...?"

Then, Weed, wearing a full set of Balkan's equipment, Yellowy, and Bahamorg appeared.

Although Yellowy enjoys the highest popularity in the Arpen Kingdom, he was used as bait for hunting purposes.


When the monsters came, Van Hawk, Torido, and Bahamorg were ready for battle. The trick to a successful hunt is to be careful and use what you have.

"Bahamorg, it's your turn."

"I know. HUUUWAAAA!"

Bahamorg raised the morale and Health of his allies thanks to his battle cry.

"Heliam Fencing!"

Weed rushed towards the monsters and cut down all that came across his path. Torido and Van Hawk took care of what remained.

"Weed fought really well. He didn't give the monsters a chance to counter-attack. However, I don't think that this tactic will work for this entire dungeon."

Weed was able to take advantage of his body fitness and speed. And the hosts commented that Weed is very compatible with this tactic because of the number of experiences, quests, and battles, he had.

Then, the scene changes, showing a part of a dungeon filled with miasma.

* * *

The viewers didn't know that Weed and Bahamorg have pretty high resistance, thus the poison has little effect on them.

"For the glory of Arpen Kingdom!"

Bahamorg rushed in swinging his ax and mace on each hand. A Warrior typically has really high defense, and they can withstand crossfire for quite some time. Bahamorg continued to deal successful damage.

Han Sangho said in surprise, "They succeeded? Despite all the challenges they had to face, they reliably succeeded in such a short time. In addition, it doesn't seem like they were heavily injured."

Han Sangho felt like his common sense was destroyed.

Weed then summoned Death Knights. Death Knights who were considered as Undead Followers. Death Knights were able to make their own judgment, have greatly enhanced intelligence and stamina.

In the video, the viewers can see the Death Knights respectfully go down on one knee.

Weed's Summon Undead skill had risen to beginner level 8.

"Van Hawk, take command of them."

"I understand, Master. Please leave it to me."

With the Death Knights joining the hunt, Weed's hunt sped up two to three times.

"Do not continuously assault. You guys belong to me, I am your owner. Unless you get my permission, you're not allowed to die!"

A vicious Necromancer!

"Undead have no human rights. Fight even if your skull is falling!"

The monsters they were fighting, Pitche/Pischen, were level mid to late 500s.

Weed's hunt continued. Thanks to the Death Knights, Yellowy didn't have to be the bait. Weed have carefully considered different formations to bring out the best fighting power as a Necromancer.

5, 10, 25, 45...

Although it was difficult at first, as time went by, the time they took to hunt shortened.

This made Han Sangho speechless.

"This... You can fight like that?"

"Ow. No way. I must be dreaming."

The reaction of the audience watching the broadcast of Weed's hunt was similar to the two hosts.

- We-Weed!

- As expected of Weed. The way he hunts, his adventures, and fight wars are special, it's impossible to compare anyone to him.

- I thought he was a Necromancer? He's so strong and this is the fastest hunt I've ever seen.

- Now, he is no longer just the person who created history in the game Continent of Magic. It's been done. I'm praying for the souls of the members of the Hermes Guild.

- Is Weed's first job a Necromancer, not a Sculptor?

- I am not afraid to yell out that I'm part of Grass Porridge.

- God of War Weed reformed Grass Porridge!

The Director, Production Director, and writers smiled as they watch the bulletin board in real time. The majority of the comments being made are about Weed's hunt, even the hosts were filled with surprise and praise for his hunting speed.

Currently, Weed has increased the number of Death Knights he had to 50. He also summoned many Skeleton Mages and Skeleton Archers for range attacks.

"Stupid guys, hurry up and move quicker. Lubricate your joints!"

The Skeletons were moving in a fixed direction, fighting without a single break.

Weed also received a title, and one of his best thus far; Immortal Warrior, Commander of the Glorious Undead.

He had complete control and the undead dominated everything with their strength. Weed had complete control of the large battlefield! The ability to conduct constant nagging and dictatorship!

As the hunt continues, the equipment the undead had improved, and although their bones were getting stronger, their movements started becoming sloppier.

Weed maximized the power of the undead by combining weak and strong undead, demonstrating ruthless aggression.

It was a battle frenzy scene!

- That is a Necromancer? Be honest with me... there's no way, right?

- This is outrageous. The undead has gone crazy. Once a monster dies, they move on to other even when their weapons and armor are broken.

- There are more dead bodies, which means more undead.

- Scary. Something like this actually happening in Royal Road... I am currently around level 300, and I can never imagine this happening.

- What the hell. No way. It seems like he hunts three times faster than other Necromancers.

Weed's undead forces had grown so large that they can be considered a legion. He conquered Boiling Lair of the Devils in a record time of 4 hours and 48 minutes. However, because there was much repetition of undead hunting, the entire broadcast was shortened to only 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Next was the Sollad dungeon!

The undead stampeded everything and the hunt became large-scale. There were Knights composed of Death Knights and Skeletons led by Van Hawk.

Weed and Bahamorg fought hand in hand, meleeing everything. Although he was a Necromancer he didn't stay in the back waiting for his Mana to regen, but slap monsters with his sword.

Their speed was immense, and there were no words to describe the scenery.

"March. Ride. O my Skeletons!"

The Death Knights and Skeleton created a stamped, beating every monster that stood in their way.

The scene of the battle was so amazing that the people watching the broadcast were stuck speechless.


"A dream. I think I am dreaming right now."

Hosts and viewers alike hand the same thoughts regarding what they were seeing.

End of Chapter 6...

* * *

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