LMS: Volume 47 Chapter 5

LMS, Moonlight Sculptor, Summaries, Volume 47 Chapter 5.

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Chapter 5: Sword of Lugh

It continues on from Weed's battle with the giants and his undead. The scene was similar to the rise of thousands of undead looking for flesh to eat.

Weed then summons Death Knight, Van Hawk, and Vampire Lord, Torido. Because Weed was wearing full Balkan equipment, his slaves' reaction to him was extremely polite, and they knelt on one knee.

Weed then have them command some of the undead, and the hate against the Necromancer Guild in Morata have decreased because of Weed's display!

Death Knight Van Hawk

- Health has increased by 6%.

- Attack has increased by 4%

- Movement Speed has increased.

Because of hunting and doing quests, Torido's level was already about 500.

Van Hawk complained that the undead he'll be commanding is too low-leveled, and Weed talked him out of it. Weed also commanded Torido to start sucking the blood of giants.

The giants started to get angry and trample the undead. There were also some who spotted Weed and targetted him.

Weed then sent a whisper to Pale, "I will buy some time with my undead, so rescue any leftover prisoners."

- Pale: Yes. I understand.

Pale then lead other Northern users to rescue the remaining prisoners. Bellotte, Hwaryeon, Zephyr, Surka, Romuna all moved quickly together with the expedition.

Because the users all moved away, Weed felt less burdened. He fought with the giants while the other users rescued the prisoners.

Weed's Summon Undead skill leveled to three, and the bones of the undead he summoned are now harder, and they can move quicker.

The Health of the regular undead rose from 100 to 200. Weed then used Sculpture Summoning to summon Yellowy. Yellowy felt a little gloomy because of the atmosphere.

"Master, are you sure you can defeat them!?"

"I can't win. That's why, run away."

The giants were attracted to Yellowy, "Ohh, it's a tasty beef."

Yellowy sped up!

Weed walked around the bodies of the fallen giants and used Soul Extortion to try and complete the quest given to him by the Necromancer Guild.

Weed met up with Adventurer Chase, greeted each other, but then Weed said they'll talk later because he's busy commanding the undead.

Quest Complete.

* * *

The quest in the Land of Giants to rescue the prisoners inside their citadel has been completed by the Northern users.

They have rescued all of the imprisoned slaves. More than half of them made it out of the giants' citadel safety.

- Fame as risen by 1,458.

- You have obtained lots of experience.

An amazing quest has been completed.

You are the first group to hunt giants in Versailles continent.

You have received the title Giant Hunter!

A glorious title for hunting ruthless giants.

Increases attack damage against giants by 9%.

The effect of Fame in the areas nearby the giant citadel has increased.

A lot of people had died during this expedition. Although the users were happy they succeeded in the quest, they were also sad because of the people who died.

Some also asked if they will become famous thanks to the broadcast, someone answered that they might, thanks to Weed. Weed is the pride of all the Northern users!

* * *

The Northern users who survived felt some emptiness. Some were excited for barely escaping death rescuing prisoners held inside the giants' citadel. They also received relics dropped by the fallen giants.

While many users were lying down on the ground, Weed walked around the giants' citadel. The users all smiled recalling Weed proudly fighting against the giants.

They had no doubt that it was thanks to Weed they were able to succeed.

When the users later looked inside the giants' fort, the bodies have disappeared... and Yellowy was burdened with a heavy load.

* * *

Weed checked out the items he looted.

Durability: 230/230

Solid metal buried only in the Land of Giants.

It contains Mana and is very hard.

Can create great weapons and armor with it.

Blacksmith Level 1 item.
- Will help increase Blacksmith skills.

- The weapons created will have high durability and sharp. Armors created with this material will have high physical resistance.

- A slightly shiny material.

Weed's lips curled slightly. He said that with this material, and thanks to the rewards he received for being a Master Sculptor, he might be able to make an equipment better than anything Herman and/or Fabio could make.

* * *

Weed and the rest of the members who took part in the expedition were led by the prisoners to a safe haven nearby the giants' fort.

Weed and his friends started congratulating each other. One of his friends suggested creating a sculpture of Necromancers or an Undead in the place they were at and Weed turned pale.

Weed then met up with the members of Crimson Wing Guild and people who were together with him during the Northern Expedition (Volume 9-10).

Teroso thanked Weed and Weed said, "Don't mention it."

Teroso then spoke about settling in the Arpen Kingdom. After being defeated by the Hermes guild, he asked permission from Weed to settle in his land. Because there's thousands of them, he asked where is a good place to settle in.

Zephyr looked far in the distance and said, "There's a good land in the Arpen Kingdom where there's clear water, beautiful rivers, and many fishes..."

Pale also said, "There's a land in the Arpen Kingdom where there are mountains, abundant in natural resources, tourist attractions, and many hidden treasures."

Pale then bowed his head because of his conscience.

The Arpen Kingdom is expanding and there has been an increase in residents. There are also many empty towns and towns without a Lord.

Although there are many Merchants in Morata, they gained enough public achievements and they no longer stay in one place.

In the Arpen Kingdom, Weed is at the very top of the pyramid, and when it expands, even more, he can collect more taxes from the Lords.

You have found the town of Derek.

You have found a secret and marvelous place! It is a place where people live in the Land of Giants.

Your journey in addition to your great adventure led to a new discovery.

The world will be notified of your discovery and your name will be known to all.

Intelligence has increased by 2.

Insight has increased by 3.

The population of the town was about 5,000 people, and they were hiding in the woods. In order to not be found by the giants, they built their homes underground.


"Sniff, sniff! You've returned!"

The prisoners and the residents hugged each other. The Northern users watched the scene before scattering.

A new town in the land of the giants! They wanted to explore it as soon as possible.

Weed, however, headed towards the shopping district. There were many human merchants and stores such as General Store, Armor Store, Agricultural Store, Grocery Stores, Blacksmith Shop, and a trading post.

In the trading store, there were a lot of dried meat.

Weed used "Identify" to look at the meat.

Small Dried Meat: Meat of Wild Beasts.

Has excellent texture. It is usually baked. It increases damage and monster deals less damage while hunting.

If eaten often, Maximum Health will increase by 50.

A specialty of the town of Derek.

Grade 2 Food Material, Meat.

Looking at the food description made Weed's mouth water. He also said that cooking these materials will increase the mastery of his cooking skill.

However, the prices were too high!

"How much?"

"55 Gold."


Hearing the price, Weed looked almost murderous.

"Do you know... the place called the Arpen Kingdom?"

"I do not know."

"I am the King of that place."

"...I will not give a discount."

In the Land of Giants, because of the giants, they were lacking in quantity. Thus, there was a fixed price on items.

Weed then speaks to himself about ripping off people after he returns because it's rare for food to increase Maximum Health, and it's priced pretty high.

He said that through Mapan, he will rip 50 times higher than the buying price. No, 100 times higher.

* * *

The specialties of Derek town were dried meat, fruits such as berries, weapons, and armor. These items were helpful to players around level 500-600.

When users found out, they started arranging parties here and there in order to collect money from hunts.

Many shops were also selling items of Giants that are not found in the Versailles continent such as jade rings, art and crafts of the region, precious metals, spices, minerals, alcoholic beverages, and articles of clothing.

These items allowed Merchants, who went to the Versailles continent to sell them, become richer.

Weed was satisfied because active trading meant that he will be able to gain more taxes in the Arpen Kingdom! He made a long-term development plan to "invade" the Land of Giants and make them part of Arpen Kingdom.

Because of Weed's fame, there were many NPC who came up to him and asked him to complete their quest. There were even some A and S ranked quests among them.

As for those mysterious quests, or those that seemed really hard to complete, he rejected them all. But those easy ones, he took a week to complete all of them.

When Python and Seasoned Crab saw Weed, they wanted to run away, but they felt sympathetic towards Pale and the rest of his party.

They were doomed to hunt with Weed all day and night...

* * *

Weed walked towards one of the villagers and received a B ranked quest thanks to his high Fame.

Dungeon Exploration.

There have been many people who have gone missing from the town of Derek.

There is a rumor that there is a dangerous dungeon nearby the village, and the only clue is that it is surrounded by worms.

For the safety of the village, please find the dungeon and subjugate it.
Difficulty: B

Quest Limit: More than 100,000 Fame.

Compensation: Recognition of the People.

Rewards: Public Value and Minerals.

Weed accepted the quest and summoned his Cerberus. He made Cerberus smell a portion of the worm and asked it to track it down using the scent.

Cerberus, using its three heads to track down the dungeon entrance, and Yellowy followed after it, they finally found the entrance.


You are the first discoverer of "Laboss' Hole."
Fame has increased by 1,000.

Experience will be doubled for a week.

The first monster you hunt will drop the best items.

"Nice. Army, advance!"

Weed summoned 10 advanced Skeleton Warriors. The Mud Golem made of clay also went forward. The other undead also followed after them.

The monsters found in this dungeon is the first in Versailles continent. They were level 700 giants.

Weed also summoned Van Hawk and Torido. But because the monsters were extremely strong, Van Hawk's Health was reduced to less than 30% in just a short time. When Van Hawk and Torido had only 10% of their health left, Weed asked them to back off.

Weed asked Bahamorg to defend him and he pulled out the sword on his waist. It was the sword he stole from Hesstiger!

The sword was a treasure of the Elves, and it was the best sword humans can find. The level requirement was 650, and the person must have conquered the desert. Then, they will be able to receive the legacy of Hesstiger.

You have equiped the Sword of Lugh.

Your affinity with nature has increased.

Agility has increased by 26%

All stats has increased by 42.

You can inflict three times the damage on large monsters.

It decreases the enemies' damage and maximum health by half.

When you deal a fatal blow, the enemies' defense will weaken by 7%.

You are able to receive help from Wind, Water, and Earth spirits.

Defense has increased by 117.

When using a sword skill, Mana cost is halved.

Able to ignore magic protection by 76%.

Due to the beautiful design of the sword, Art has increased by 35.

Able to receive the magic protection "The Forest's Blessing."

Weed smiled from ear to ear after seeing all the bonus stats, and when he tried it out on an enemy, he succeeded in dealing a fatal blow. The enemy's defense decreased, and lost 3,481 health.

Weed then used Sacred Fire on the sword. The beautiful sword burned red.

Sacred Fire has been used on the Sword of Lugh.

Damage has increased based on your Faith stat. 105~271.

The skill to summon undead has temporarily weakened because of the Sacred Fire by 46%.

It will deal damage to nearby undead every second.

Skeleton Warrior has received damage from the Sacred Fire.

-603 Health.

Weed used another sword attack, and although it wasn't a fatal blow, it still reduced the enemy's health by 4,391.

Weed then used Heliam Fencing.

- 1 continous attack was successful. Agility will increase by 20%.

- 2 continuous attack was successful. Strength will increase by 40%.

- 3 continuous attack was successful. Agility will increase by an additional 40%.

- 4 continuous attack was successful. Strength will increase by an additional 40%.

- 5 continuous attack was successful. The Laboss monster has died thanks to the Sacred Fire.

You have acquired the heart of Laboss.

You have acquired three precious meat of Laboss.

You have acquired the Necklace "Wisdom of Immortality."

The level requirement of the accessory was at least 600, which made Weed trembled. Because the Necklace was able to increase various stats such as Maximum Health and Mana, Strength, Wisdom and Intelligence, if he was to put it up for auction, it will sell for an enormous price.

Weed continued with his hunt and managed to subjugate the boss of the dungeon. He received quite a bit of experience. Weed was satisfied. His mastery of the Summon Undead skill has also increased.

* * *

The scene changes to Hermes Guild Castle gates.

The users of Hermes Guild were talking amongst themselves. Because of a news broadcast of what the Hermes Guild has been doing, and revealing their ruthlessness, it has encouraged many users to rebel against them.

Hermes Guild has been very unfair and has committed many unforgivable acts against many groups of people.

The Arpen Kingdom has been expanding rapidly and the Haven Empire couldn't keep up. The Arpen Kingdom is experiencing economic growth while Haven Empire who dominated the Central Continent had their economy suppressed by rebels.

Because of the heavy taxes in Haven Empire, the entire Empire is quite shaky. However, Lafaye still believes that it's only a matter of time before Hermes Guild conquers the entire continent.

Lafaye walked out of the castle and went to the town where he came across kids about 6 years old. Lafaye was interested in their conversation.

The children basically said things like:
- The Hermes Guild are thieves.
- The Hermes Guild are a gathering of thieves.
- They are never going to help or join the Hermes Guild because they are bad people.

Lafeye's smile stiffened.

End of Chapter 5...

* * *

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