LMS: Volume 47 Chapter 4

LMS, Moonlight Sculptor Summaries, Volume 47 Chapter 4.

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Chapter 4: A Second Profession

In the first part of this chapter, nothing much happened. People from the North gathered to form an expedition to raid the Giants.

This expedition included many Grass Porridge members, mainly Ginger Porridge unit, the Crimson Wings guild, and Pale, Maylon, Irene, Surka, Romuna, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, and Bellotte leading small groups.

Weed has appointed Pale and Zephyr as Lords in small towns of Arpen Kingdom. Pale's land was filled with vast plains and granaries, a beautiful land with rivers and mountains.

Pale said that he was given that piece of land because he was an Archer. Because the land is huge, it has a lot of resources but it also required labor and money. Because the citizens there were poor, he had to personally fund that village...

As for Zephyr, he was given a fishing village near a river with a population of about 200 people. He said that the place has a really nice scenery and there was a mountain nearby.

This was given to him by Weed as a requirement in order to date Weed's sister, Yurin. And that he's being abused by both siblings.

The village needed many improvements such as a center of trade, developing a port, road construction, build luxury homes, villas, turning it into a resort town.

Basically, he has a lot of work to do, he doesn't receive any funding from the Arpen Kingdom, so he has to use his own money. In addition, he has to get everything done in a matter of 6 months.

Zephyr calls Weed the devil for giving him a devasted town with no money. And thus, everything he gets from raiding the giants will go to improving his territory.

Pale and Zephyr agreed to be patient and put their miseries aside... and they thought that maybe it's better living a free wandering life.

Then it goes on to talk about Warrior Python and Assassin Season Crab, how they were tightly bounded by the devil Weed and were forced to hunt for hours upon hours.

Because of this, Pale, Python, and Seasoned Crab awakened their friendship.

* * *

Land of Giants Expedition.

While Adventurer Chase was doing a quest, he brought back information regarding prisoners being held captive inside a fort guarded by giants.

The prisoners were Fairies, Elves, and various other species. Because of this, Chase wanted to share his quest with other people and create an expedition.


Imprisoned Slaves.
Surprisingly, you have encountered information regarding giants and the prisoners.

Please rescue the prisoners and deliver them from their miserable lives!

You can receive cooperation from other people. The people you save will sincerely indebted to you.
Difficulty: S

Reward: Cooperation of the prisoners and treasures of the giants.

Quest Limit: Land of Giants.

When people saw that it had an S-level difficulty, they were surprised. In the past, they thought that these kinds of quests were impossible.

However, after broadcasting stations showed Weed solving and S-level quest alone, they have more faith in accomplishing it.

There were a lot of users in the Northern part of the continent. Although many were afraid to join the expedition and experience death and the penalty that goes along with it, many others embraced the opportunity.

While Pale was contemplating on what he and his group should do, he whispered Weed for his opinion.

- Weed: That's great. Accept the quest.

Pale accepted the quest and thanked Weed for his advice.

- Weed: You're welcome.

Pale then asked Weed for an explanation.

Weed: Huh? What do you mean?

Pale: What?

Weed: How should I know?

Pale: Well, didn't you have a reason why you told me to accept the quest? Like the likelihood that it will succeed?

Weed: It may or may not succeed. But that's life and life is like that.

Pale: Ugh!!

And then Pale's complexion turned white.

* * *

The scene changes to Lee Hyun doing housework, preparing food, etc.

And then he saw Lee Hye Yeon... and started nagging.

"Your skirt is too short."

"Brother, what do you mean? The bottom of the skirt reaches all the way to my knees."

"These days, it's better to cover up to prevent any wounds, don't you think?"

Lee Hyun and his sister went out of the house and they saw Seo Yoon playing with the dog.

Lee Hye Yeon thinks that Seo Yoon is beautiful and was quite envious of her.

Like a villain, Lee Hyun appeared in front of Seo Yoon.




"I packed them and put them in the fridge."

Lee Hye Yeon was sitting in the yard and looked over them with a smile on her face.

* * *

Lee Hyun, Lee Hye Yeon, and Seo Yoon had chicken soup together. It said that in the past, Lee Hyun and Lee Hye Yeon barely ate any chicken meat, but now, they could eat boldly!

Lee Hyun then lied down in the living room, thinking that "this" was happiness. Lee Hyun was lying down on Seo Yoon's knee thinking about college graduates.

Lee Hye Yeon looked at Lee Hyun looking at Seo Yoon with eyes filled with love and wondered if her brother has been abducted to another universe.

She also mentioned how she envies them. She turns on the television and kept flipping channels until she reached KMC Media's channels and it was talking about the S-class quest -- Land of the Giants.

Lee Hye Yeon quickly concentrated on the television and she said that her brother has a lot of colleagues in the Northern part of the continent. And many users are always heading north because it has many places of interest.

The host of KMC Media joked around with each other and then the scene quickly changes to Royal Road and more than 200 users including Pale.

The citadel of the Giants was huge enough to be called a large mountain. In front of those users, was a wall with the height of more than 100 meters.

Pale and other northern users were preparing their equipment for the attack. Glittering armor and other devices such as ropes and hooks were shown.

The northern users were heading into the citadel and KMC Media added a solemn background music.

The users carefully entered the citadel and they scattered into groups. When the users found the prisoners being held inside the citadel, Adventurer Chase released the lock.

You have freed 82 prisoners.

7 are Blacksmiths.
4 are Wizards.
3 are Aritists.

The rescued prisoners were humans, elves, dwarves, fairies, and others, leading them outside of the citadel.

The users all realized that the scale of this quest and the rewards were given bigger than they imagined.

Then, the giants spotted them. Many users were panicking and were prepared for their death. When suddenly, they heard Pale's words of encouragement and his hope for this quest to be successful.

The northern users regained their fighting spirits and started moving quickly. Some rescued more prisoners while other went to fight against the giants.

"The rating is at 7%. It has soared by 2% in just five minutes."

"What about other stations?"

"They have about 2%"

"Editing team... make the video more exciting!"

The video became more colorful and vibrant. The viewers could see users fighting against giants, being blown away, hitting the wall, killing giants, etcetera.

"Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge!"

The members of Grass Porridge! had appeared. They believed that nothing is impossible.

"Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge!"

The northern users then focused all their attack power on the giants.

* * *

It goes back to the hosts of KMC Media Oh Joo Wan and Shin Hye Min.

- Awesome. They displayed great power.

- Yeah. They did not miss the opportunity.

- They have great concentration. Do you think they will succeed, Shin Hye Min-shi?

- The northern users will hold on and do their best to succeed in the quest.

- For how long?

- They will never back down.

Oh Joo Wan and Shin Hye Min couldn't conceal their excitement.

The video was really exciting, users fighting against giants, Priest and Paladins supporting their raid members, magic attacks flying and exploding everywhere.

Then, Lee Hyun opened his eyes and watched the television. Seeing the video, he tried to decide on his next profession.

Blacksmith, Tailor, Desert Warrior, etc.

Then, he got up from Seo Yoon's legs.

"Just now, I have decided."

* * *

When Weed connected to Royal Road, it was already nighttime.

- Awwooooo

Somewhere, there were wolves howling nearby Morata's Tower of Light.

After creating a sculpture requested by Goddess Hestia, Weed felt like he had finally returned home and looked up at the night sky, receiving various buffs from the star sculpture.

Magnum Opus! You have viewed the scupture 'Wife and Child.'

A bright sculpture of a Wife and Child in the night sky!

Due to being its creator, a Master Sculptor, you will receive double the effects of the sculpture.
- Intelligence has permanently increased by 5.

- Luck will increase by 17.5% during the day.

- Maximum Health and Mana will increase by 57.5% during the day.

- All stat has increased by 125.

- Long-distance attack has increased by 87.5%

- All stat has permanently increased by 3.

- Due to the completion of the Master Quest, creating the sculpture of Wife and Child, you can get extra effects from other sculptures.

Weed then says that the effects of sculptures after completing his Master Quest is tremendous. They have increased his stats by 50% or more. He also said that he will not allow the Hermes Guild to take over the taxes of Arpen Kingdom.

Weed regret from being a Legendary Moonlight Sculptor has vanished. Now, he will choose his second profession. He wants to achieve a higher goal.

* * *

Near an alley in Morata, there was a tunnel leading underground. Numerous users were there wearing dark robe holding a cane with a skeleton design.

They were users who chose to become Necromancers and they were discussing the benefits of skeleton parts... such as having toad eyeballs, the what to use for zombie flesh...

Weed entered the alley wearing his usual novice attire because he became even more well-known thanks to the broadcast of him completing his Master Quest.

The Necromancers glanced at Weed and continued on with their work. Weed then entered the Necromancer Guild.

* * *

Weed walked up to the Necromancer NPC he met during his quest and they start talking about Weed being noble, exploring the principles of magic, and walking the road of ruling death and darkness.

Because Weed is the King of Arpen Kingdom, he doesn't have to go through many processes compared to other users. In addition, he already had ties with the NPC, and he also had Balkan's Tome which made it possible for him to become a Necromancer at any given time.


Do you wish to become a Necromancer?
- You will learn the laws of the Necromancer and summon Undead.

- Maximum Health will increase by 10%.

- Maximum Mana will increase by 150%.

- The impact of Fame will decrease by 20%.

- The effect of Faith will decrease by 35%.

However, because of completing the Sculptor Master Quest, Weed will not suffer a penalty in getting a new profession.

He then goes on about the advantages and disadvantages of Wizards and Sculptors. How Wizards have really low Health, Sculptors don't have much Agility, etcetera. Then, he accepted the Necromancer profession.

Balkan's Tome: It has the authority to change one's profession to a Necromancer?
Durability: 30/30
Tome of Black Magic, a research study of the undead. It has information regarding how to summon different stages of Undead, from basic to advance.

Written by genius Balkan, but his handwriting is difficult to understand.

Creating Undeads from this Tome requires a large amount of Mana.
- Wizard Profession.
- Level 300.
- 500 Wisdom.
- 8,000 Mana.

- Has the authority to let one immediately become a Necromancer.

- +25 Resistance to Black Magic.
- +2 Ability to Summon Undead. Undead Bosses will have Intelligence.
- Enhances the Vitality of the Undead and increases Resistance to Holy Magic.

Weed then learned the Undead Summoning from the Tome.


You have learnt the skill: Summon Undead.

Summon Undead: Beginner 1 (0%) - Utilizing bodies, you can summon undeads.

"I have finally become a full-fledged Necromancer."

Before this, he had to use Sculpture Shapeshifting to transform into a Lich before he could summon Undead and it was only a temporary measure.

Weed was already 454, and he talks about how he has to increase his other production skills although he has already had many varieties of skills with high proficiency.

He said through hard work, not only will he have a Secondary Profession, he will also achieve Third, Fourth, etcetera.

He wants to become strong enough not just to deal with the Hermes Guild, but also defeat a Dragon on his own, without fancy tricks.

Weed switched his equipment to the full Lich set he got from Balkan; the helmet, fallen saint staff, etcetera.

You have learnt a skill: Corpse Explosion.

Corpse Explosion: Beginner 1 (0%) - By destroying a body, this magic can cause an explosion in the surrounding.

It depends on the size and the quality of the body.

"Novice Necromancer isn't all that scary."

However, although he's a beginner, thanks to his equipment, he'll be able to increase his skills at a faster rate.

"Character Information."

Character Name



Righteous person approved by Gods




Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Master


The Sculptor Who Changed the World


Title: King of Arpen Kingdom

















Fighting Spirit













764 + 435













Affinity to Nature






Magic Resistance







Black Magic


- 20 points have been added to All stats.

- 80 points have been added to Art.

- 30% increase of abilities if there's moonlight during the night.

- Special effects on items.

- Can learn state-of-the-art from all Production professions.

- Artistic Value increase on Sculptures you create and will receive an increase in Fame.

- Due to the sculpture, an increase in production skill, combat experience, and quests will increase by 381.

- All skills will improve faster by 6%.

- +15 to all stats because of the bracelet you're wearing.

Weed then went to the market to haggle with NPC Necromancers. He wanted to buy materials to create a golem.

In the end, he used his authority as King of Arpen Kingdom, and his Fame decreased by 1.

He went back to talk to another NPC Necromancer and received a quest about Souls.


Trapped Strong Soul
The Necromancer Guild wants the soul.

Gather five powerful kind soul.

Difficulty: B

Quest Limit: The extortion of the souls.

Must be completed within a month.

* * *

Weed smiled thinking that it's been a while since he received quest lower than S-ranked. He has been getting quests that will influence the entire continent based on his actions and results.

"It's good that this is simple. It's not that difficult, I am willing to collect them."

You have accepted the quest.

Scene changes to the Northern users raid on the giants.

There were more than 1,200 Avians who joined the battle, but their numbers have been reduced to about half.

"Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge!"

Nevertheless, none of the users thought about escaping.

"Let's move quickly!"

As one of the leaders of the expedition, Pale did not want to fail the quest nor have more reckless deaths.

The Northern users were cooperating well with each other, and by now, they have rescued about 400 prisoners.

Pale jumped on one of the roofs of a large house built by giants and start to shoot arrows like lightning. With his arrows, many giants were injured, their abilities and vitalities suffered, but they did not die thanks to their high Health.

When giants found him, Pale was in a difficult situation in which Zephyr used his fishing pole to save Pale's life.

As the Northern Users continue to battle, more and more of them are losing their lives. Pale started to get desperate. The users don't have endless Stamina like the giants do.

Suddenly, he heard someone humming from the direction of the walls.

The weather today is really nice.

It is a good day to wash laundry and hang them dry.

To hang futon outside.

Under the glistening sun.

I am a newcomer. Yes, I am.


"This, this is..."

The Northern users all heard the odd lyrics of the song and the weird pitch of the one singing it. Even those who were busy kiting the giants heard someone humming loud and clear.

"This is?"

"This kind of noise, I familiar with it!"

"It's so bad that I think my ears will rot."

Surka was bearly hanging on while Irene was giving her best healing injured players. Romuna was casting a spell on a large house. Then, the girls started to reveal the characteristic of the song.

"I've never met someone singing such a song as well as being tone-deaf."

"Is it Weed?"

"There's no one except Weed who's that tone-deaf!"

The Northern users who heard the song all turned their heads to the direction of the wall.

"It's Weed."

"Weed-nim has shown up!"

Thanks to the war against Haven Empire, many people recognize Weed through either their participation or by watching the broadcast.


Their battle against the giants no longer felt meaningful. They were filled with expectation on what kind of miracle Weed would create.

Piyak, piyak.

The Gods also gave life to chicks.


Half-season half-fried is crying.

Today is a good day and the weather is fine.

To unite and start the clean up.

Weed emersed himself for 3 seconds after he finished the song. Immersing himself in the joy of music!

Weed then used Lion's Roar.

"Stop fighting. Everyone go and hide!"

You have used Lion's Roar.
The morale of allies within the range of the skill has increased by 200%

All state of confusion will be released.

Leadership will increase by 300% for 5 minutes.

Pale then handed over the authority to lead the expedition to Weed.

The users saw the Torido has destroyed the premises of the place and the surface started to crack. The users all hurried to find cover.

* * *

Weed started to estimate the abilities of the giants. Level 700, fighting style is based completely on their strength.

The northern users cannot compare to their combat strength and their size.

There were 55 left alive, and 22 dead. As for the Northern users, 600 of them have already died.

Weed use Sculpture Destruction on a masterpiece sculpture and added all the stat into Wisdom. Thanks to the Wisdom, many of his skills advanced. Such as, Deep Darkness, Golem Production, Mental Focus, and other Necromancer skills.

Weed then said that he couldn't use Nature Disaster because many of the prisoners might die. He goes on to say that the skin of giants could be used by tailors...

Weed carefully put his novice clothing into his bag and took out Balkan's items.

Balkan's Skull, Ruler of Darkness Boots, Inferno Cloak, Overlord of Hell Robe, Eternity of Destruction Rings, and Necklace of Purgatory.

It was the full set Balkan, the Ruler of Undead Legion, had been wearing during the broadcast and it had a level restriction of above Level 600.

You are wearing Balkan's full set.

The undead you summon with Summon Undead skill will be strengthened.

The Undead will absorb your Health and Mana at a rate of 1%

The time limit of their life will disappear. Their attack damage will be based on the wearer's strength.

People who see you will feel extreme fear.

Lower leveled living beings will immediately lose their lives to the Undead.

The effect of items!

Then, a bunch of message windows appeared.

By wearing these items, you will receive a temporary penalty.

Faith has decreased by 340.

Luck has decreased by 106.

Charm and Dignity will be halved.

You will not receive effects of Fame.

Decreased in Intimacy with all inhabitants of Versailles continent.

Some people will feel extreme fear and oppression.

When Weed became a Necromancer, the penalty was quite small, but when he wore Balkan's items, it was enough to decrease his Faith and Endurance by a lot!

Weed then looked back on the hard work he has done so far, receiving Sacred Fire as a reward, his experience in being a Desert Warrior, etcetera. He said that becoming a Master Sculptor in Royal Road was the best.

* * *

Scene changes to KMC Media's broadcast on the Land of Giants, and it was reaching its finale.

Oh Joo Wan and Shin Hye Min were discussing the efforts of the Northern users. Their strength, although it was great, it might not be enough to succeed this quest. They might hopefully achieve better results next time...

When suddenly, they heard a noise and the staff in the studio started to make a big fuss.

On their earphone, Oh Joon Wan and Shin Hye Min heard a trembling voice of one of the young crew members.

- Weed! God of War Weed... he made an appearance at the Giant's Fort!

Shin Hye Min, who is quite familiar with Weed, decided that the moment he appeared, the result would be different.

Thousands of people gathered in the Giant's Fort and attacked it. However, when Weed appears, everyone will be watching and will agree that there will be a massive change.

'War God Weed!' Oh Joon Wan was very surprised.

The broadcast suddenly took a different turn. They were about to end the broadcast when Weed appears their ratings will start to climb.

Oh Joo Wan met Shin Hye Min's eyes quickly.



The crew then decided to extend the live broadcast of the raid on the Land of the Giants. When Weed appeared, many people will turn to the station and the ratings will climb at a ridiculous rate.

To be honest, it was all thanks to Weed that KMC Media received such high ratings and expanded.

The crew decided to give Weed's appearance more dramatic. In addition, his weird song! The worst of all songs! The beat of the music were all messed up, but people had strange expectations.

"Viewers, please don't be surprised. The God of War! The King of Arpen Kingdom! Master Sculptor! Weed-nim has appeared!"

Shin Hye Min felt proud and happy. With the information from the station saying that Weed had shown up, the ratings exploded and the crew's fatigue had disappeared.

Oh Joo Wan then described Weed's song... and then how he changed his appearance, his equipment being Necromancer-only items. Full Balkan set!

"Necromancer-only equipment? Then, this is... Viewers, it seems like after Weed-nim became a Master Sculptor, he has changed his profession to a Necromancer!"

At that moment, the forum started to explode...

* * *

The ratings started to climb and it has already reached 30%. The administrator of the forums reported that many posts regarding Weed's appearance have appeared.

Weed's appearance in the Land of Giants was a big hit! Many viewers kept turning to their channel and there was a flood of calls for advertising inquiry.

They had to cancel the next program about Dungeon Capture because of Weed's appearance.

Oh Joo Wan and Shin Hye Min started discussing Weed's change in his profession and wondered why he chose to become a Necromancer after seeing him wearing a full set of Balkan's equipment.

Why a Necromancer? Weed has a lot of great skills and is really good with the sword. When Oh Joon Wan asked Shin Hye Min because she's familiar with Weed, she was embarrassed because she didn't have a clue.

They started to discuss the advantages of being a Necromancer, and how most Necromancers turned to Hermes Guild for support because it was difficult to increase their skills.

They also said to look forward to the kind of show Weed will act and learn from him. Also, that Weed doesn't hunt in an ordinary fashion. He's going to create a miracle.

* * *

Forums associated with Royal Road.

- Necromancer!

- Whoa... It's one of the most powerful profession in Royal Road.

- Is being a Necromancer that good? It's a nuisance to be around people. I also heard that it's hard to hunt inside dungeons.

- That's right. They have a lot of shortcomings.

- Necromancer is a complex and difficult profession. A friend of mine gave up and he was level 410.

- I'm disappointed. I thought he would become a Gardener. I really wanted to see Weed-nim's flower arrangements.

- The Versailles continent will perish if he chose that.

- Hehehe. Isn't Weed-nim very experienced in quests? He'll probably just sweep everything away.

- Why a Necromancer?

- The Versailles continent will be filled with death, corpses, and fear. Weed-nim the Necromancer has appeared.

- Go get them Weed!

- Weed-nim! Please do your best!

* * *

Scene changes to Weed.

Weed started to summon undead. Thanks to the hundreds of Northern users and the giants' corpse, he created many Undead, Burning Skeletons, and Giant Undead.

His Summon Undead skill immediately leveled up. He was suddenly curious about the Undead Giant's abilities.




Chaotic Darkness


Lesser Undead




Weak Undead





















Giant Clover has been born thanks to Summon Undead skill.

He has a giant lineage and had lost badly, becoming an undead.

Weed summoned much giant undead with the level of about 700, planning to use corpse explosion on them.

Many Necromancer in the Versailles continent have a problem with intimacy because it declines when the finish a quest, they accumulate Infamy, and some ended up being chased by guards. Thus, they cannot access the city.

Weed used the Power Drain skill available on his ring and summoned more undead.

The Northern users were still hiding, and Python, Pale, and others were whispering to each other about Weed. Then, they started to stick their heads out and admire Weed's battle with open mouths.

Pale watched the giants nervously but he was still a firm believer of Weed.

The giants were chasing after Weed and his undead, but when they arrived at the proper spot, Weed used Corpse Explosion.

Many undead giants and northern users exploded.

Giant Alex's body has exploded.

Sacrificing his Health, he has inflicted damage to a 43 meter radius.

Because of the massive explosion occurring one after another, it caused paralysis, poison, confusion, and cause some to faint.

Weed's corpse explosion leveled to two. The northern users were all surprised at the unprecedented massive explosion. 4 of the giants lost their lives.

Battle achievement! You have received the title "Reversal of Heavens and Earth."

You have devasted the area and achieved more than 700,000 magic damage.

All stats has increased by 1.

Intelligence and Wisdom have permanently increased by 3.

Maximum Mana has increased by 300.

Level has increased.

Because of your great battle achievements, Fame has increased by 3,784.

He received all these rewards for killing 4 giants! He has dealt 10 times more Health of the giants. Weed summoned more undead and sped towards the remaining giants.

End of Chapter 4...

* * *

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