LMS: Volume 47 Chapter 3

LMS, Moonlight Sculptor Summaries, Volume 47 Chapter 3.

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Chapter 3: The Hard Work of the Best Artisan

The sculpture Weed was working on was starting to look more and more of a baby's form, but it was not complete. He had to continue trimming it and refine the star. There was a lot of hard work to be done.

"It will be child abuse if the child is left alone."

Because of that, he added a sculpture of a mother holding the baby.

Weed was worried for a moment.

'Will this sculpture be alright?'

A sculpture of Seo Yoon holding a baby in the night sky of Royal Road. It makes a perfect picture of a good woman.

Before going back to sculpting, Weed talks to himself saying that no matter how much hard work he needed to put into finishing the work, he'll be sure to complete it.

He started working on the facial appearance of the baby, of course, it looked similar to Seo Yoon, and he was so familiar with her face that he can sculpt her with his eyes closed.

Seo Yoon's face is the most beautiful face he's ever seen, but despite the elaborate details he has to sculpt and under the conditions he is currently in, he doesn't feel pressured.

'I think the face should be more beautiful. More beautiful than the ones seen in films.'

While Weed was sculpting, he started to get sweaty and he tried to gauge how much time he has spent by counting the many planets that passed him.

After a full ten days and six hours, he has completed Seo Yoon and the baby's face. Now, he has to complete their "posture."

Unfortunately, because Weed's mother died when he was still quite young, he doesn't remember the warmth of his mother's embrace or have many memories of her.

He does, however, remember his sister crying often due to the cold of winter.

'A mother... yes. From here on, that's how the piece should look like. That's how it should feel like.'

He sculpted Seo Yoon so that she was gazing at the baby. The sculpture he wanted to create is a beautiful mother holding an adorable baby. The warm bosom of the mother and eyes filled with affection.

Weed then talks about how the mother should take care of the baby, he'll be the father, and how adding minor things will be a good idea. He also spoke about the sculpture being the 'Golden Ratio.'

While thinking of the piece -- A warm bosom of a mother, Seo Yoon, and the adorable daughter, he looked happy thinking about what the future might hold...

He said that even if he fails the Sculptor Master Quest with the sculpture he is currently making, even if its Artistic Value turns out to be low, he does not regret making this kind of star.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a piece of star. But even if the result wasn't that great, he made something he wanted wholeheartedly.

Even though he contemplated about failing, he tries he best to make it better and better without regrets.

'I want to make this sculpture. And this is the best work I've created in my life.'

* * *

Back to Versailles continent.

Fabio wants to create the best sword out of Helium and become the first "Master" in the entire continent! A helium sword is good enough to eclipse Herman.

While he was refining the helium sword, it was as if the flames have come alive. Fabio was clear that the best sword was born in his hands. This sword was enough to meet his high self-esteem.

If he was to have a confrontation with Herman, he has no doubt that he will turn out to be the winner.

However, not much attention was being paid to Fabio because of the widespread information that Weed was challenging the final Sculptor Master Quest.

Late one night, Fabio was looking up at the sky to see Weed making a star. He wondered if Weed was good enough to create a masterpiece for the quest. He wonders if Weed will finish the quest before him.

'Hmm. It looks like I still have some time...'

After that, he decided to go back and be a blacksmith who can create a strong sword that can cut anything! As a result, it was created a sword made of God's metal, Helium.

* * *

Weed worked really hard to create the star. He worked overnight to the point of suffering from starvation. But because the area of the star was so vast, the mountains, rivers, and lakes needed to be properly trimmed.

Seo Yoon and the baby was being sculpted decorated with minerals and jewelry such as gold, ruby, diamond, sapphire, and platinum.

However, Weed felt like if these minerals were used to sculpt the mountains and other things, although it would be luxurious and looked expensive, it would lack sincerity and the dignity of the sculpture will drop.

Although the precious metals can be used to create an amazing work that represents motherhood and family, and the jewels make the piece colorful and gorgeous, Weed felt that it was still insufficient.

Weed contemplated for a while before carrying on with his work. He decided that he needed to improve the quality of his work of Seo Yoon and the baby.

The baby will grow up. Thus, he created sculptures of a golden baby carriage, diamond toys, sapphire dolls, ruby child seat, and platinum milk power and diapers!

It was beyond the level of a rich child being born with a golden spoon.

"This is better. I feel like the quality of the piece has improved greatly."

Weed continued to refine and elaborate the sculpture of Seo Yoon and the baby.

"This will not be complete if it's not perfect. I feel that this work is extremely important."

- Please set a name for the created sculpture.

"The sculpture's name will be..."

Weed pondered on what he should name it, "Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, something along those lines?"

"Let's call it 'Wife and Child.'"

- Is 'Wife and Child' correct?

Weed decided to name the sculpture based on his emotions. Love will one day give birth to a baby and this is the best form of art.

'Life is an art of two people.'

To live, one has to share it with their family or another person. To Weed, this sculpture of 'Wife and Child' is love and happiness.

"That's right."

Coming from Weed, the name was very appropriate.

'I have no regrets. Even if I fail... it's because of my lack of skills and not because of the final product.'

Weed has no regrets. He felt amazing after finishing this special piece of art more than any other ones he's done.

Magnum Opus! You have completed 'Wife and Child.'
It is a work of a Sculptor whom the God have acknowledged to have reached the ultimate heights!

The work of a newborn baby and mother expresses extreme beauty.

This artwork is something even Goddess Hestia considers as a miracle and has create two new records.

The birth of a star.
One of the largest sculptures ever made.

This work of a brilliant star can be seen by all inhabitants of Versailles continent.

Sculptor Weed, who has gone beyond the ultimate heights of human beings, his name will be revered in the Versailles continent forever.
Artistic Value: 58,492
- Reduces the impact received from natural disasters that occur in the Versailles continent.

- Precious metals and minerals in the Versailles continent not yet discovered will increase by 28%.

- Rare minerals will randomly appear in buried mines and hot springs.

- Due to the observation of the stars, you have developed knowledge about astronomy and Intelligence Stats will permanently increase by 2.

- Due to the sacred magical effect, the recovery and blessing of Priest and Paladins will permanently improve by 5%.

- Luck will increase by 7% during the day.

- Rapid recovery of hexes.

- Increases the compensation of residents for Sculptor quests.

- Maximum Health and Mana will increase by 23% during the day.

- All stat increases by 50.

- Increases long-distance speed of 35%.

- Permanently increases All Stat by 1.

Number of completed Magnum Opus until now: 20

Fame has increased by 5,381.

Art stat has increased by 91.

Endurance stat has increased by 15.

Wisdom has increased by 7.

Charm has increased by 115.

As the first person to enter space, you have left your footprints. Maximum Health and Mana has increased by 5,000.

The ownership of 'Wife and Child' belongs to Weed. The effect given to Sculptor Weed will be 1.5 times the normal.

For creating a Magnum Opus sculpture, All stat has increased by 3.

A Magnum Opus sculpture!

Weed accepted his rewards calmly. He determined that the potential achievements he would receive from creating a Magnum Opus would be higher compared to usual.

And also...


Sculpting skill has reached its peak.
- You have become a Master Sculptor. You have fully understood the representation of rock, wood, and comprehension of the results.

- You have reached the end of Sculpting with nowhere left to improve.

- The Artistic Value of your sculptures will improve by 200%.

- Sculptures will reduce mana and cost of other related skill and increase effectiveness.

- You will receive an effect of 200% from sculptures.

- All stats has increased by 40.

- You can now receive unlimited Artisan quests.

- You have gained excellent insight, it and all your skills will improve 6% faster.

- Your expertise of different Production skill and Artisan skills will rapidly increase by 10%.

- You will be able to draw the ability out of a piece of work and increase the original stats as much as 15%.

- All your finished sculpture will spread influence and become one of the specialties of that area.

- The strength of sculpture lifeforms will increase by 30%.

- You have acquired the title "Master of Sculptures."

- You can meet Kings even without Fame or have a relationship with them.

- You will receive respect from other Artist, Scholars, and Merchants.

- Your Charisma and Elegance has increased effects.

- Specific NPCs will appear and pledge absolute loyalty to you.

Weed's body started to tremble.

"I have mastered sculpting. The first person to master a production skill in the entire continent!"

Mastering sculpting boasts of extremely atrocities and difficulty compared to all other skill.

"I was me you became the world's best craftsman due to hard work!"

* * *

The users all over Versailles continent have been waiting for night to arrive.

When darkness felt, they can all see the exceptionally glowing stars in the night sky.

"*Sniff, sniff* Weed-him did not betray us."

"Look how beautiful it is. The world is becoming a more beautiful place to live."

"Beautiful. I can't help myself from looking at it..."

The piece of art of Seo Yoon holding a baby her in arms in the night sky was extremely beautiful.

Before, many people did not have much interests in the stars lighting up the night sky.

In modern society, it has been a long time since one has seen the night sky clearly.

Most of the things brightening up the sky were airplanes and satellites. The stars were things that were so far away, beyond the unknown, but it gave humans endless possibilities.

Hopes and dreams, the endless spirit of romance.

The sculpture Weed make hit the newspapers and broadcasting stations featured it.

- A mother and her baby came alive in Royal Road.

- The story of the creation of the universe and the stars.

- The last quest of a Master Sculptor. The meaning of the stars.

- What are the limits of Virtual Reality?

- A wider world we never forget to live in.

Many people were interested after it was repeatedly reported in the news and radios. It was also featured in an educational television -- astronomy and geology for children.

- A happy baby.

- The start and the fruit of life.

- A new projection of life.

It then goes on to talk about how the fertility of various has decreased over the years because many people are marrying late and many couples not wanting children.

This sculpture encouraged childbirth nationwide; embracing babies and how they bring joy to couples.

Thanks to the sculpture Weed made, the appearance of a mother and her baby, the government started a project to encourage childbirth.

The stations around the world were steadily increased their rating percentage and many children started to watch their shows.

* * *

After finishing the Master Sculptor quest, Weed displayed a rotten smile.

"My skills has improved so much."

Weed closed his eyes to reminisce after his arduous past and felt satisfied. After becoming a Master Sculptor, his stats has increased and received an extreme amount of Fame. His Health and Mana has also increased which is a big help.

At last, the long-awaited Master Sculptor!

To be honest, his Swordsmanship, Archery, and other skills have increased as well after being the first ever Master.

Weed then goes on to say that the piece he made of Seo Yoon was amazing and how it always turns out good with Seo Yoon as his subject.

'At last, the last quest.'

While Weed was thinking about marinating chicken, Goddess Hestia suddenly spoke.

- Sculptor. As per my request, you have created a sculpture. For that, I thank you.

Weed carefully knelt down and bowed his head.

"I did not wish to disappoint Goddess Hestia and even though my skills are lacking, I wanted to give my best for Goddess Hestia."

- Sculptor. Have a little more pride. Thy art has made many people happy.

"The art I have made isn't much, it was thanks to the blessing and grace of Goddess Hestia that it turned out well."

- I shall now evaluate thy work.

Finally, it was evaluation time for his Sculptor Master Quest and Weed waited patiently.

The 'Wife and Child' sculpture was a Magnum Opus and it has obtained the highest Artistic Value. After being speechless for quite some time, Goddess Hestia spoke.

- Thy work is great. Amazing. It has completely exceeded my expectations.

"Thank you."

- At dawn, people will be waiting for night to come, and when they look at the stars, they will be amazed by how beautiful it looks.

Weed said to himself that he made it out of his own desire. It's not bad... but it might not be what others might like.

- I was impressed by the woman. In return, I will deliver the blessings of God to all creatures in Versailles continent.

Goddess Hestia as blessed all creatures for a week.
The Faith stat of all users have permanently increased by 2.

- The experience acquired during this period will increase by 6%.

- Luck stat has increased. Through hunting, there an increase of the possibility of obtaining rate items and japtem.

- Will not suffer because of the cold.

- Because of the 'Wife and Child' statue, Stamina and Vitality will immediately recover by 8% once a day.

- The growth rate of animals and plants has increased.

- Certain cities will achieve technological prosperity.


Weed was sick to his stomach. He said he would have been happy if the rewards were for him alone. It's like winning 100 million and sharing the price with millions!

Goddess Hestia then said,

- You have dedicated yourself to sculpting from the very beginning. I have not seen anyone other than you walking this road. You have reached the apex of sculpting.

"Yes, Goddess."

- As a Master, do you want to steadily dedicate yourself to arts in Versailles continent and make even more glorious sculptures?

As a response, Weed started praising sculpting and how he has no regrets in dedicating his life to art. He is proud of being a Sculptor and brought beauty for everyone to see. His sculptures have expressed not just his imagination but also what's in his heart. This was his happiness.

- Truly... to becoming a Master Sculptor, you have overcome numerous difficulties to reach this point.

Weed thought, 'Thank goodness there was no lie detector' or he would not have passed the test.

While Weed was thinking of receiving a sword or other weapons made out of Helium, Goddess Hestia said she will give him 'fire.'


Gift from the Goddess!
Goddess Hestia has parted a gift of Sacred Fire unto you.

Sacred Fire can be used for Art and other Production skills, and it can also be utilized for combat.

It enhances all values and will sometimes create a miracle.

The skill 'Sacred Fire' has been acquired.

Faith stat has increased by 30.

Taking less than 0.1 seconds, Weed said,

"Skill check! Sacred Fire!"

Sacred Fire: A symbol of Goddess Hestia.
The power of Sacred Fire is determined your skill level, Faith, and Wisdom stats.

It will consume a certain amount of mana to melt materials and create ephemeral weapons.

It gives assistance in art creation. By creating a religious piece of artwork, there is a high probability of receiving an increase of Faith.

The effects it gives during production will be twice as much.

You will be able to obtain pure crystals during mineral processing of the equipment and it will be subjected to the blessing of Goddess Hestia.
Sacred Fire can be used for Attack and Defense during combat.

It will apply 7% more damage to all flame-based attack skills. The skill level will have an increase in damage by 2%.

Flame skills are doubled.

In addition, it will inflict additional 5 times the damage if the monster is an undead.


Weed's eyes fluttered. He expected high rewards for the last Master Quest directly given by the Goddess Hestia, and he received something more than what he thought he would.

The skill he received was amazing for production skills and he was already thinking of what he would do the next day. Such as mastering other skills.

The Sacred Fire skill opened up a lot of doors.


Sculptor Master Quest is now complete.
This ended an epic journey.

Sculptor Weed has left a lot of artwork all over Versailles continent and has completed the impossible.

The sculpture he created, as requested by the Goddess Hestia, is a legendary sculpture and has never appeared in the entire history of Sculpting.

Understanding mother nature, bringing life to sculptures, understanding the nature of sculptures, having knowledge in the existence of spirits, with the Sword of Light, he has become an Enlighted Person!

All young people will be dreaming of walking the same path as him.

- Level has increased.
- Level has increased.
- Level has increased.
- For completing the Sculptor Master Quest, Fame has increased by 50,000

- Health has increased by 8,000

- Mana has increased by 10,000

- Art stat has increased by 80.

- All stat has increased y 20.

- Affinity to Nature has increased by 25.

A flood of window messages!

After spending a long time trying to complete the Sculptor Master Quest, he has received appropriate rewards.

A satisfactory smile appeared on Weed's face.

End of Chapter 3...

* * *

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