LMS: Volume 47 Chapter 2

LMS, Moonlight Sculptor Summary Volume 47 Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2: Baby Star

There were plenty of luxury cars parked outside of Lee Hyun's house.

In Korea, as well as the rest of the world, Royal Road has become so popular that it was normal for broadcasting station to feature the game.

Many major broadcasting stations have sent representatives to find out more information regarding the Sculptor's Master Quest.

The representatives were "talking" to each other.

"I've been coming here so much that this area has become so familiar to me."

"Same, I can even recite the address."

The station representatives started to compete with each other.

"Managing Director, the weekend ratings of your station has increased as of late. The features of the broadcast are also innovative."

"We've been featuring many groups being more adventurous, and trying to squeeze in a new program. Also, when we feature Morata, the ratings just increases by itself. But the program your station broadcast also did quite well."

It goes on to the representatives emptily praising each other. About Morata being featured so much that they have filled a year's amount of schedule with it.

Featuring the Kingdom of Orcs, opening theaters, buildings looking unique... and about the North having lots of people. There was also a singing competition there and other spectacular events.

Various singers and musicians who play Royal Road hosted the broadcast and the events were documented, increasing the fame of Bards.

The audience reaction was amazing, and it was one of the factors of Arpen Kingdom's prominence.

The appointment was at 3pm, Lee Hyun chose this time because it was between lunch and dinner.

The station representatives were in a hurry to get inside of Lee Hyun's house.

He was currently feeding his dog expensive ribs which KMC Media had given him.

"Good girl, eat a lot." The dog was now about 2 years old.

When the station representatives saw him, they were filled with doubt. Then, they entered Lee Hyun's house and headed to the living room while laughing.

* * *

I will be skipping the boring parts, please don't blame me...

Lee Hyun's house and the living room wasn't large and he rarely has any visitors, so there weren't many chairs for people to sit on.

Lee Hyun distribution cushions and the station representatives all sat on the floor feeling nervous. They started talking about how the ratings from the previous program were increasingly high.

The station representatives started to hand out gifts such as ginseng and Lee Hyun served them water and orange juice (for Foreign representatives only).

Those people who met Weed for the first time thought that he was cool for putting on a gag.

Then, Lee Hyun started to describe his current quest.

"The quest is about becoming a Master Sculptor, and it is currently on its final step!"


The station representatives were all trembling on the spot after finding out that the quest was only one step away.

They all knew how difficult and atrocious the Master Quest were, to the point where the majority of them will be abandoned. Based on the amount of risk, it was a murderous quest!

'Weed the God of War and the final step of the Master Quest.'

'The God of Hard Work.'

'I need to make sure to clinch a deal for an exclusive for CTS Media.'

Lee Hyun was looking proud while looking at the station representatives.

He goes on to say that it's not a typical Master Quest, for the process is unimaginable and that the Sculptor Master Quest will probably never appear again.

He starts to fake crying, squeezing out tears to create a heartrending atmosphere.

It then goes on to say that if Weed was successful, he will become the first ever Master, and it will be something the audience wants to see.

Just based on this information, it was guaranteed to have high ratings.

'It's decided.'

'It's definitely going to hate box-office ratings.'

Weed's quests always had record high ratings. With Weed, it was difficult not to go beyond 10% ratings. And by making a sculpture in order to complete the Master Quest, it will sure gain even more ratings.

The representatives started thinking about the users who were all looking up at the stars in the night sky, expecting something amazing.

The users part of Grass Porridge Cult being a big fan of Weed and their belief in him is incomprehensible. One only needs to look at the viewer forums to see the terror of the Grass Porridge Cult. Every time Weed's quest is being featured, the forums are filled with Grass Porridge members.

About a year ago, a broadcasting station made some loathing comments about the Grass Porridge Cult, and there were many members protesting on the streets near their headquarters.

The person in charge of administrating the forums also had to delete many posts made by members of Grass Porridge, but it was no use.

Shortly after, the broadcasting station greatly regretted making such comments. However, their number of viewers still plummeted! It was because the majority of their viewers who were eager fans of Royal Road were part of Grass Porridge.

As Royal Road became more and more popular, the stations focused more on it, and when the Grass Porridge members ignored that station, they saw the damage done to their ratings.

Among the viewers in all of the stations, more than a third of them belong to the Grass Porridge. In stations that focused on broadcasting Royal Road, as well as internet sites were dominated by members of the Grass Porridge.

Social Medias communities such as Weibo, Facebook, and Twitter, the activities of users part of the Grass Porridge are flourishing.

Many popular journalist or entertainers were also certified members of Grass Porridge and conduct interviews or write articles about them.

The Grass Porridge Cult had revolutionized the digital media.

Many new players of Royal Road are under the banner of the Grass Porridge Cult, which presents Freedom, Adventure, and Happiness.

The Grass Porridge Cult has expanded so much that they own their own castle.

Every day, more than a million people of all ages, professions, and levels will join the Grass Porridge. The sky is the limit.

The Grass Porridge members are brave, hardworking, and dedicated to learning and develop their skills for a brighter future. They have also determined the infrastructure of that area.

The influence of the Grass Porridge cannot be ignored. Just with their members alone, they have enough to create a Kingdom.

Department stores worldwide, as well as airlines, hotels, amusement parks, telecommunication companies, fine restaurants, offer special membership to Grass Porridge members!

The services these membership provides no annual fee since all Grass Porridge members are friendly and loyal.

Many sales companies do hundreds of economic research in an interest to find out the economic impact of the Grass Porridge Cult.

-- What happens to the social networking sites created by the Grass Porridge? Based on hundreds of millions of subscribers around the world, what percentage of the social networking market can they grasp?

-- Is it possible for Grass Porridge to create their own private stations in various countries?

-- Stationery, fashion, children toys, sports, luxury goods, brands; they will be easy to market using the Grass Porridge.

Global companies and Research Institures predicted that a digital economy revolutio will be born based on virtual reality.

In addition, the Grass Porridge Cult will be able to revolutionalized more than a third of the world, whether in Dictatorship or Freedom and Democracy.

In this kind of situation, the station representative must come to an agreement with Lee Hyun at all cost.

They handed Lee Hyun a piece of paper.

"Write down the amount you would like to receive."

Lee Hyun handed the piece of paper back to them.

"Are you okay will this little amount?"

"We will now proceed with a live auction for the contract. The broadcasting station that proposes the highest amount, only that company will receive the deal."

He goes on to talk about the royalties of the broadcasting industry.

When the station representatives heard what he said, they prepared to wage a fierce fight.

The station representatives start thinking to themselves about what will happen when they achieve to get the agreement and what they can offer in exchange.

They then considered the fact that this will be viewed in various countries such as China, United States, and Japan, who are willing to pay big bucks.

There was also talk about giving him 15% of the broadcasting profit as well as ad revenue.

Lee Hyun then handed them a card, but it was different from the usual business card which the station representatives had given him.

Lee Hyun : October 5

Seo Yoon : April 22

Lee Hye Yeon : July 9

Grandma : January 7

The director of KMC Media thought it was a normal business card, but when he saw it, he was puzzled,

"What's this?"

"The birthday of the family members. It will be good for you to be aware."

Lee Hyun was set for a proper fight against the station representatives.

* * *

The scene goes back to Royal Road where Weed was making the star.

"Should I call it B612?"
He based it on Le Petit Prince!

He saw that name in bookshelves of children books, and it was something he read when he was in kindergarten.

[Note: B-612 is an Asteroid Foundation.]

He takes out his carving knife and starts to work on the sculpture. He held out his two hands towards it and uses 'Divine Flame,' and a firestorm occurred in both of his hand.

[Note: For those who haven't read Volume 46, Divine Flame is something the Goddess Hestia has provided for him specifically for this quest.]

According to Goddess Hestia, it is a flame that has the capability to melt anything.

Weed then compares his experience of using fire to bake some potato or sweet potato when the firestorm touched the baby star... He also said that kids would have a time when they are tempted to play with fire. The Divine Flame was so hot that it had the capabilities to burn the entire planet!

He then goes on about feeling a great sense of accomplishment after working hard for a couple of hours.

Weed then starts talking to himself about how he should sculpt the stars. He also said that it should at the very least be a Masterpiece.

After deciding on what he should do, he displays his usual rotten smile. The same smile he would have if he ever wins a 1 to 100 chance jackpot in a lottery.

* * *

Scene changes to the Versailles continent.

Many users were looking up at the night sky.

"The appearance of the star changed slightly."

"I look forward to seeing it on the television. Kyaa! It looks really nice."

In a crowded square, many people can be seen drinking and eating, and there were also people sitting on their terraces.

A small number of users, who were unable to restrain their curiosity, tried their best to level up and then go to the Archer Guild in order to learn the skill that allows them to see clearly at a far distance.

Mapan, who made a move quickly, made a fortune selling telescopes in bulk.

Many of the users in the Versailles continent were watching Weed's progress with the 'baby' piece.

For several days, he trimmed and melting lumps on the surface of the planet. When users looked at the star, they thought that the upper-right corner was similar to a watermelon.

"This sculpture draws people in."

"Is Weed's aim to sculpt his Goddess?"

"There's a high possibility in that. That piece, when you look up at the stars at night, it would look like the Sky Goddess... We'll be able to see her face every night. Kyaaa! Chwik."

"Perfect. There's nothing I want more."

In Versailles continent, the sculptures of Goddess Freya and Goddess Hestia is famous and quite popular. Many people consider the Goddess as the Goddess of the Grass Porridge Cult.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the statue of the Ice Beauty daily and is considered a popular tourist attract.

In the Arpen Kingdom, even though it is the leading Kingdom where art development is booming and have produced numerous paintings and sculpture, this piece Weed sculpted, the statue of the Goddess based on Seoyoon, is the ideal of many people.


As a Sculptor, he has never experienced any setbacks when he made pieces based on Seoyoon.

"Oh, no. That can't possibly express even a tenth of its beauty."

"I think it roughly looks like it... doesn't it? But it lacks the emotion."

The members of the Grass Porridge Cult were looking up at the stars in the night sky in anticipation.

"With the Goddess overlooking the Arpen Kingdom, it will never perish. I would look at it every night."

"Ahem. I will gladly become a martyr, a martyr."

As time passes by, the face, eyes, mouth, starts to look more profound. The users started discussing that from the very beginning, it was almost impossible to sculpt a perfect sculpture of a Goddess, but Weed has done it.

Only he can express the original Goddess. It goes on to saying that Seo Yoon is out of the world beauty.

"It is possible for Weed since he was able to reach his Master Quest up until this point."

"Maybe it's not a sculpture of the Goddess?"

"How can that be? Do you think that Weed will betray us at this critical moment?"

The members of the Grass Porridge Cult has already exceeded 100 million.

Title: A Petition Opposing the Sculpture Weed is making.

Weed doesn't seem to be making a sculpture of the Grass Porridge's Goddess.

Don't you guys think he's acting a little flippantly?

This is the best opportunity to give birth to the Goddess who will illuminate the entire continent.

Life is short.

The Grass Porridge Cult would like to maintain the happiness and peace with by seeing the Goddess at all times.

The statue of the Goddess will be embraced by everyone and it will also bring joy and happiness to the people. This is no surprise.

Weed-nim, please do not betray the hope and dreams the Grass Porridge has entrusted unto you and make the Goddess of the Grass Porridge for us!

If you miss this chance, we will not let it slide!

But we will wholeheartedly support Weed-nim if Weed-nim sculpts the Grass Porridge's Goddess!

In Versailles continent, the users have never seen anyone who is on par with Seo Yoon's legendary beauty. And Weed made a lot of sculptures based on her.

Goes back to Weed.

It talks about how the statue should have a similar appearance to Seo Yoon. It then goes on to marrying a woman with that looks, having a baby with her...

"It's difficult to choose between a son and a daughter. But it would be nice to have a beautiful daughter."

It goes on to raising a baby... feeding it, the baby learning how to crawl, changing diapers, how to speak mom and dad as their first words...

Weed watched his sister grow up and wonders to himself if he can see himself getting married. Then he says that the cost of diapers and milk is expensive these days.

Weed goes on to saying Love cost money, it's tough, etc. It even hurts to give birth... Weed then remembers the time when he saw children holding their parents' hand while walking in the streets...

When a man and woman meet and fall in love, they will get married and grow old together. A baby is the fruit of love and happiness. Weed said that he has to overcome the expensive price of milk and diapers... with firm determination.

Not only does he want to earn a lot of money, he also wants to live happily together with someone.

He decides to complete the last stretch of the sculpture with all his heart.

* * *

[Note: Seo Yoon is currently the Queen of Arpen Kingdom, and Weed has given her rights to manage the Kingdom. I can't remember which Volume...]

Seo Yoon has been busy managing the Arpen Kingdom. She has developed the commerce on the northern coast and other coasts. She has also broadened the cultural impact.

But no matter what, she uses the money sparingly, widened the territory, and the Kingdom's population has increased exponentially. She also expanded other developments.

Seo Yoon recalled the day when Lee Hyun had given her the rights to manage the Kingdom.

"Give me the authorization to manage the Arpen Kingdom."


"I will oversee the administration, the budget, and the military."

"But that's something I do."

"We will split the work."

"You're not planning on taking Arpen Kingdom's funds and the money we collected in the Tullen Kingdom, are you?"

Lee Hyun looked at her with suspicion.

Seo Yoon didn't reply and just looked at him. Lee Hyun imagination expanded.

Lee Hyun talks about real estate, the water park near Morata, and attracting people from Haven Empire. And how she might sell half of the land and she'll be rich...

However, he also thought that since Seo Yoon lived right next to him, there was no reason for her to do anything bad.

In addition to her property, she already has a lot of money so there was no reason for her to do it. Also, with just a few TV contracts, she could earn a lot more.

"Okay. I'll do it."

From then on, Seo Yoon was given the rights as Queen and she goes to different small towns and appointed Lords. Without hunting to raise her level, she devoted all her time to the development of Arpen Kingdom.

Although she's busy in Royal Road with the mountain of things that she has to do, she also dedicated some time to Lee Hyun.

It goes on to talking about Lee Hyun's past, how he used to deliver newspapers in the morning, and the story about not being able to buy strawberry milk... Feeding Dogmeat expensive food and feeding his chickens cheap food. Abusing his dog after it grew up...

The sculptures that he created were still vivid in her mind. She really liked his sculptures. Lee Hyun's gift to her was something she treasures; it was the best gift she has ever received.

She looked at the night sky and saw the stars, thinking that it was romantic and a wonderful gift.

'I will not ask him directly. I should wait. But...'

Seo Yoon entered her capsule and connected to Royal Road.


- Yes.

Seo Yoon decided to take time out of her busy schedule and sent a whisper to Mapan.

Mapan knew that Seo Yoon was the Goddess.

"I need a big telescope to look at the sky."

- Ah... Oh. Okay. I will get the best Blacksmith to make it.

"Please have it as soon a possible."

- Yes. About creating a telescope, what is your budget? It's okay to give the money after it's completed.

"200 million gold."

- What?

"I will pay with all the money I have. Please create a large telescope which will allow me to clearly see as far as possible with 200 million gold."

Seo Yoon replied with her face bright red and waited for her commissioned telescope to be completed and then looked up at the sky.

However, she still bought a small telescope as a temporary means to look at the sculpture Weed was in the process of making.

Seo Yoon then quietly headed towards a dungeon holding her sword. It was an advanced dungeon that no one has visited in a long time and wiped out all the monsters.

It goes on to talk about the characteristic of a Berserker and how they greet enemies willingly even at night.

"...Still not enough."

At this time, Seo Yoon has already wiped out seven dungeons.

Back to real life.

Seo Yoon was making packed lunches for Lee Hyun and Lee Hye Yeon. Before Lee Hyun noticed, she was going to the market and cooking all the time.

Pork kimchi stew, boiled egg, and rice cake. There was also strawberry milk in the fridge, and even Dogmeat had its own packed snacks.

"Brother, don't you think there's something wrong?"

"What do you mean."

"I'll say this simply. It's really important."

It goes on to saying that Seo Yoon has been going in and out of his house a lot.

When Lee Hyun goes to the market, he was mobbed by people from the market (the aunties and uncles selling food.)

"Lee Hyun. You crazy man, what have you done?"

"Exactly what is going on? I'm sure you have done something shameless. I have no doubt."

"How did you get such a beautiful woman?"

"And also... to live with such a lady?"

"I don't know you anymore."

The people in the entire neighborhood were filled with criticism for Lee Hyun. The normally gloomy image the people had of him had completely disappeared.

In Royal Road, Seo Yoon looked up at the night sky. She was curious about what kind of sculpture he would make. She absolutely hoped that it would not be of another woman.

'That sculpture... is that a baby?'

Certain parts of the sculpture, such as the head was becoming more profound. As the shape of the body becomes clearer, it created an image of a cute baby.

Although the baby's face was in a work-in-progress, but it was smiling, with wide eyes, nose and mouth. It was definitely a face of an adorably cute baby.

'And... it looks like me... the eyes and the mouth...'

Seo Yoon didn't continue looking through the telescope for long. And the next day, on top of Lee Hyun's dining table, there was an eel, abalone, small octopuses, and chicken soup.

End of Chapter 2...

* * *

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