LMS: Volume 47 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Begining of the Star

Weed leave Versailles Continent for another planet to complete the final stage of Sculptor Master Quest. He is the only one in that planet, and he can see the world of Royal Road from where he was, with plenty of large and small meteors flying past him endlessly that one can never imagine.

From the distance, he can also see fog and dust forming the nebula blue and other shining stars. The mysteries of infinite space and beyond. Versailles continent looked like a large universe attracting other planets towards it. The space gave Weed a different feeling, he felt more lonely than usual.

Weed's body trembled, "I feel honoured to create a sculpture in space. Beauty, Grandeur, and Mystery. Historically, those are the things people yearn for in space.

Weed felt surprised looking at the sun, moon, and other planets up close for the first time. He says that this is a great step for all mankind... and if Royal Road world expands to other planets, he would take the opportunity to buy planets so he can charge rent!

After a while, Weed returns to feeling lonely and starts to feel confused. The new world doesn't feel like there's an adventure waiting and yet it feels unexplored.

* * *

Somewhere in the wide open space, there are "something" talking...

"Kegi riu?"
"Kya Kya kaka."
"Euhi dehe fuwa."

(You guys get the drill.)

* * *

Weed starts talking about the specific piece he has to make as a requested by the Goddess Hestia for his Master Quest.

"Let's make a sculpture to commemorate space, and in some cases, it might even start raking in some money."

In Versailles continent, there hasn't been an idea of creating a star near it. Weed decided to create one in a location that's directly looking down on the Versailles continent. He spends a month observing the movement of the sun, moon, stars, and other planets. He finds a red looking planet? and decides to create it near there.

"Create star!"


Do you want to create a star in this area?

You must decide on the shape, materials, size. This specific skill can only be used once.

"I'll make it."

Weed stars to create the star, and it looks like a round ball of light, something that he used to play with together with his sister. And its shape stretches easily like a rubber ball.

As Weed pulls it from each side, the ball continues to stretches, and in no time, the ball quickly grew to the size of several hundred metres. In addition, it continued to increase as he desired

Weed realizes that he has been thinking in the wrong direction, and the night sky should be more romantic!

* * *

Dr. Yoo Byung-jun thinks that sometimes the world is a strange place, and he has recently been eating hamburger and drinking cocoa.

[Note: For those who don't remember, Yoo Byung-jun is the creator of Royal Road. Lee Hyun gave him 200 won to buy cocoa from a vending machine and he suddenly felt like drinking one. However, the cost of one cocoa was 300 won. Thus, he has been holding a grudge against Lee Hyun.]

He is looking at Weed on a screen and felt happy with what he sees -- Weed making a big star sculpture. The sculpture reflects on the emotional system of Royal Road and its human culture as well as history.

He also said that the occupation of a Sculptor in Royal Road is one of the hardest there is, and it's amazing for Weed to have almost reached the end of his Sculptor Master Quest.

The ball in Weed's hand is turning out well. Yoo Byung-jun thinks that Weed has earned enough money to make a living and enjoyed much popularity.

Bored, the AI started to analyzed Weed's girlfriend, Seo Yoon.

"Yes, I have never seen a lady so beautiful in my life."

- Based on the person's race and the country they are from, the value of beauty is different.

It goes on to say that the AI will probably take some time to analyse the perception of beauty in the entire world... The conclusion it came to was that Seoyoon is a world-class beauty (No. 1?)

And Yoo Byung-jun asked about Weed. The result is that, he has excellent intellectual abilities.

It goes on to stating more statistics...

"Can Wed succeed in his Master Quest? Will his work be the first to satisfy Royal Road? The Goddess of Hestia's request is not easy. He must create a Magnum Opus."

- It will be successful.


- 95.3%

"That's pretty high. Based on what grounds?"

- When I analysed Weed's temperament, he will not miss this opportunity. And there's a 97% chance that his theme of his work will be related to Seo Yoon.

* * *

In Weed's hands, the light grew significantly larger and he had to take care so that it doesn't fly away into space.

"In order for it not to lose to any other stars around... it needs to be greater."

The stars must have presence, and its light must be greater compared to any other stars.

"The star has to be large and bright."

Weed then whispers Mapan.

"Mapan, are you busy right now?"

- No, please speak.

"I see. I want to ask, is it night time right now?"

In Versailles continent, there's even two-hour differences depending on the region where the sun rises.

- Yes, it's evening right now. I'm in Haven Empire's capital city Aren, in the vicinity of their castle.

"I see."

- Weed, where are you? Why are you asking if it's night here?

Mapan was curious about Weed. Because when Weed is hunting, he often turns off the whisper function, and it has been a week since he last turned it on.

"Look up at the sky."

- Well, I don't see anything right now. Are you in Aren?

"Aren shouldn't be far from where I am. Look up at the sky."

- Are you riding Wy-3 or Bingryong?

"No, I'm much further away than that, further up in the sky. Do you not see the shining star in the north?"

- I'm looking... Ah. I see two big stars around that area. This is my first time seeing it so large and bright.

"I'm there."

- What do you mean? Somewhere in that direction?

"No. I'm next to the stars."

- I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Could you tell me the exact details?

"I am currently in space."

- Kuhok! What on earth are you doing out there?

"I made the stars."

After receiving the information from Weed, Mapan was in the state of panic. He looked up at the sky and meticulously examined the big bright stars.

Weed felt like his sculptures wasn't good enough and will be a serious failure if it is buried or hidden among the nearby stars.

- Is it because of a specific quest?

"I am making a piece for a quest, I am trying to complete my Master Quest."

- I really envy you.

"There's no reason to."

- You're really amazing.

"It's no big deal."

- I respect you. Please continue to take care of me in the future.

"It's nothing."

- Congratulations in advance on becoming a Master Sculptor. The continent's First ever Master. By the way, there's something I want to ask... what are you intending in making?

"A beautiful, shining star."

Weed also whispered Yurin.

"Oh, my dear beautiful sister."

- What. Boil some ramen?

"There's a place in Royal Road which I want you to go to."

- Where?

"I want you do go to different regions around the continent and draw me a picture of the night sky."

- How many?

"Probably about a hundred."

Drawing a hundred pictures is a lot of hard work.

- Alright, brother. I'll finish it tomorrow.

Weed was happy that sister agreed to take on the job, and he said something about looking for a good man to give his sister's hand to.

* * *

Lee Hyun came out of the capsule and saw the paintings Lee Hye Yeon drew on the computer monitor.

Even though the area and direction of the night sky were different, it looked similar.

Lee Hyun goes on to say that he will create a sculpture of a star that's big and different compared to any other stars seen in Versailles continent. The star should be large and bright with presence.

He also wants to create one that's romantic, illuminating the night sky. When people look up at the starry sky during cool windy evenings, it will open their hearts and feel happy.

He then makes a comparison of the feeling of getting to pay less rent...

He eats a meal with Seo Yoon and goes back into the capsule.

* * *

The size of the star should be determined after taking the size and brightness of the nearby stars into consideration.

"Unfortunately, this is the other thing I can do. I should only consider the processing method."

Weed understands that he is a bit lacking and at this point, agreed to do what he can.

It then talks about determining the size of each star, choosing the major mineral materials to use. Selecting the more "richer" minerals. It goes on to talk about the metals and minerals found on Earth.

The way Royal Road is created, it has amazing technology, etc. etc. but is lacking in this area? Most of the minerals are common.

Weed thought of creating "a star/planet filled with gems... kya. It is truly a luxurious land."

He decides to create about three or four mountains made out of diamonds. Rivers and sea made out of gold. The land or plains made out of rubies.

At this point, Weed thinks about the overall balance and harmony, so he decided to use sapphires and platinums as well.

Weed's decided to use five gems and precious metals! He decided to work diligently to raise his level and come back to this place once again.

Weed's ambition is to conquer the universe.

* * *

The scene changes to an alley nearby the Aren Castle.

Mapan was here trading various commodities such as fresh goods, olives, dried fruits, etcetera, and his good piled up like a mountain.

Mapan brought the food items from the Northern part of the continent, it has good quality and cheap and brought them to the Central part of the continent to trade.


This trade is a success.

The merchants in this place are very satisfied.

The reputation/fame of this area has increased by 20.

Increase in Intimacy, Influence, and tax evasion!

Then, it goes on to write about the success of Mapan's trade. He is basically trafficking in the Central continent because the Haven Empire's influence is large. It goes on to say that he learned from Weed.

* * *

In Royal Road, it is popular to hunt at night. There is a distinction in monsters during the day and at night even inside dungeons. When it's night time, the monsters are more active.

Someone with the Hunter profession is mostly active at night because of the addition experience and the drops. For people who do not hunt 24 hours a day like Weed, they will mostly take his opportunity to level up efficiently.

"Well, you know what. There's a confession I'd like to make."


There were many couples sitting on the walls of the palace grounds. Both men and women. This is a common hunting ground for couples.

"About us..."

When the man was about to say something, the woman suddenly pointed at the night sky.

"Look, look."
"What? Did a wyvern fly by?"

In Morata or in the Arpen Kingdom, it was considered lucky if one sees a wyvern flying by.

"It's a star."
"A star?"

The man isn't usually interested in stars, so he doesn't normally look at them. But when he raised his head to look, he was surprised. The star was bright and about half the size of the moon. It was clearly visible in the North.

"What is that?"

"This is my first time seeing that kind of star. It clearly wasn't there a couple of days ago."

At that time, many people from various parts of Versailles continent started talking about the shining star in the night sky. People in the fields, the mountains, rivers, and even the users inside the cities looked up at the sky.

The Ship Captains, as well as Pirates, were also looking at it.

"What is that star?"

"That's really interesting. I wonder if it's a quest of some sort?"

There are lots of legends and mysteries in Royal Road.

The users all felt excited. In real life, because of dirt, soot, and pollution, it is rare to see such star in the night sky. The things that shine in a dark night are airplanes and satellites at best!

While hunting in Royal Road at night and looking at the night sky sparkling like jewels, it couldn't have been more romantic.

A nice place to take a walk, even without a good view, with just the cool air and the clear night sky is the best place to go on a date.

In a beautiful city like Morata, in addition to the beautiful night view, it is a nice place for lovers to walk around.

And then, the residents started talking.

"The oracle of the Goddess Hestia has descended."

"Do you feel the same way? That a birth of something great is about to happen. It's been a long time, I'm really glad."

Users from each region started to rush to the Temple of Hestia.

The Priest of Hestia were also filled with confusion.

"What? What?"

"What oracle?"

Somewhere, an NPC High Priest said to the people, "The best artist in the world has been born and the Goddess Hestia is personally testing that artist."

When the users heard what the High Priest said, someone murmured, "Weed?"

"Yes, Weed."

The only person that came to mind was Weed.

The Bard, Marley, asked politely.

"Pardon me, but what is the best artist currently doing?"

"He is in an infinite space creating a single piece of work with the power of the Goddess Hestia. He is on a journey creating something the general public will never have a chance to attempt..."

"I have never seen an adventure such as this! I will not miss this chance to create a great song. Oh, this piece shall me called Master Quest."

"Amazing, fantastic. There will be a sculpture created in space."

People then started speculating about a legendary quest. Talking about the piece Weed is currently working on, even people part of the Hermes guild.

The shining stars in the night sky quickly became exceptionally popular amongst all the users.

High-level users with a profession of an Archer are able to zoom into the star. Wizards are also able to use magic to look at it.

"Showing Weed and the Star with Eagle Eye skill. Only for 2 gold!"

In every village and city, people started to line up, and it kept increasing.

The prices of Telescope soared to more than ten times!

"Have you heard the news? The shining star in the north is a sculpture Weed made."

"What am I saying? I'm saying that he's creating a sculpture in the sky. He is going to be a Master Sculptor."

The rumor of Weed's adventure spread in the entire Versailles continent in just a couple of hours.

People and users in the cities and fields looked up at the sky.

"What was that? I thought I saw it shining even brighter."

"Yellowish or gold? It looks like a star made out of jewelry."

"Tell me about it. I think it the complete product will be terrific."

End of Chapter 1...

* * *


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