It's Thursday NOT Friday, AnmesicCat blogs about exams, thanksgiving, and getting dates wrong!
Happy belated Thanksgiving to all Canadians!

I meant to write a blog entry that day, but I was way too busy munching on turkey and mashed potatoes.

Anyway, this week has been rather laxed. Although I'm studying for mini exams here and there, I am still able to study while listening to someone playing his guitar and singing. I was on my usual spot, sitting inside second cup with a friend of mine, and out of nowhere, a guy stood up and started singing. It was a rare sight to see. Usually, no one would dare go up the stage in the middle of the day.

And speaking of exams, I am going to have one tomorrow (Friday). However! I freaked out on Wednesday thinking today was Friday. I studied (cramed) for four to five hours. I only found out when I got to class today and I was brought back to reality by a friend.

Why did I think it was Friday? Because my ever happy-go-lucky boyfriend made me think it was Friday. When I informed him (after I got back from school) that it wasn't Friday...

His response was: "What? Really?! OOOH It's not. Hahahaha...ha...ha..."

Note to self: Remember to consult to an agenda at all times.

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