The non-existent summer

How AnmesicCat spent her summer,, Cat,

View of Tokyo and Tokyo Tower.

My plan to import the entries of the private diary I've been keeping since April has been obviously abandoned. The task have grown too large to contemplate now: one month would be difficult enough to summarise, never mind 6! I feel the need [being forced by friends] to give some small insight as to what I've been doing thus far.

For the month of April-May, I focused on my studies making sure I have all the requirements to move on to the next level. Studying hard on the verge of insanity proved to be worth the effort. I was more than satisfied with the grades I've achieved.

When I graduated my Master's course, I received a recommendation to go through to the PhD course, equivalent to being in my last year. I've spent too much time (years) of my life being in school and it's about time I get it done and over with.

The summertime was spent catching with my actual work, which kept piling up from taking a long breaks for exam preparation. Since I only had 3 to 4 months to complete the project I was working on for a client, I had to declare to myself: sleep is for the weak, and therefore overrated.

With that said, the next following months, I've only gotten 3-5 hours to sleep. Although it was tiring and stressing to follow the agenda I've set for myself, I found it tolerable and appropriate for the predetermined deadline.

Though there were times when I almost collapsed from excessive labour, I am thankful for my beau who was always there to support me, to my parents and siblings who made sure I got undisturbed sleep, even if it was only for a short time. My only regret was not being able to go on a vacation with my family. However, I am happy they had a chance to enjoy themselves even if it wasn't with them.

Then there was my short visit to Japan. I wasn't planning to go there for work, since someone else was assigned to it, and I was supposed to head off to Norway; to check out the economy. Be as it may, my sister forgot an important document in order for her to return to Canada. So I took it upon myself to trade assignments with my co-worker and deliver the documents my sister needed.

It was an exciting visit. I enjoyed the Japanese culture, and of course, their food. I also got to visit Jeju Island in South Korea; which was a 2 hour flight from Tokyo. That was my only vacation for the summer, which lasted a week.

After my so-called vacation, I was back to work full throttle. I managed to complete the project 2 weeks early, and the 2 weeks I had free, I spent it on translating Korean and Chinese Novels for fans.

What a way to spend a summer huh?
Hopefully, I'll spend my winter break in a more relaxed manner.

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