School, work, lack of sleep

This week was the start of my last graduate studies year. Although I thought it would be quite hectic compared to previous years, it didn't seem to be the case. After 2 days of lectures, I had Thursday and Friday off.

The previous week, I was swamped with tying up lose ends at work, since when I start school, I'll only be taking minimum amount of clients, mostly on the weekends. Therefore I didn't get much sleep; approximately 3-4 hours each night.

When I got my two days off, I hoped and wished upon the brightest star I could find in the sky, that I could catch up on my sleep. However, things never really work out they way we want. I still haven't adjusting my sleeping schedule (that's why I'm typing up this post at 3:00am), and I am only able to sleep for 3-4 hours. It's as if my body clock has been set to having those few hours of sleep.

I'm a little panicked on what's currently happening, so I went to see the doctor. They doctor told me to drink some sleeping pills, but I'm against using those since I've had allergic reactions to them previously.

Since I can't sleep, might as well do something productive during the times I'm awake. So I've been translating/editing/proofreading Korean Novels and Chinese Novels back to back. Hopefully, it makes someone happy; with my portion of happiness as well...

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