I'm fine now.

A shroud of emptiness and silence filled my thoughts. I'd never thought the impossible would present itself to me during the darkest hour. There are many things I'd like to say barring no words.

Intuitively you should know, I am fine now.

Even without you by my side I know I will be able to live optimistically excluding all discomfort and agony.

The platinum clouds and stars cascaded into purple sky, and I can't help but feel I'm going somewhere. Realising that I can't be eternally perfect at this point in time, I let your emotions keep me alive.

The rain won and the sky drained and transformed into something insignificant and colourless.

I'm afraid the end of the journey has been luminous. Nevertheless, we've pained ourselves so we are unsure of what we want each other to do.

We realised how much we missed the distance between each other, and how much work there was needed to be done that would only delay the results we both conclusively comprehended.

Summer is fast approaching. There is no need to protect me from the cold. Rays of sunshine will envelope me to replicate real warmth.

Previous years have brought maturity in age and personality. I will be able to survive in this wretched world. I am fine now. I am sure.

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