Back to Action


I thought that since my school has finally ended, and I don't have to spend all night long studying for finals; as I did for the last month, therefore be able to rest and relax.

I was dead wrong.

Here's my schedule for today.

0500 Wake up
0610 Leave the house for work
0800 Meeting with clients
1200 Lunch with coworkers
1300 Meeting with clients
1600 Arrived Home
1700 Meeting with clients
1900 Dinner
2000 Do research on Grants, Financial Plans, etc.
2200 Sleep

And then the day repeats again. I will remain this way until May 17, in which I'll be away.

I am forever grateful to L for dragging me out for lunch. I enjoyed it. And you were right. It did help release some stress. I just hope I don't get fat.

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