The longer way, the long road

Since the weather is getting a lot better, I am forced to walk the longer way to the school building because the river is melting and I don't want to get my shoes and feet wet.


Today, we got our presentation marks back, and we did pretty well. I've also received my grades from the exams I've taken, and from what I can tell so far, without actually calculating it, I'm keeping up with my average.

My  Professor have once again recommended me to the next Grant Proposal conference. So a couple of researchers have been looking for me to write one for them. I don't really want to make promises, because I can only write one.

My Professors are asking me if I will continue my education and get my PhD. To be honest, I have thought about it. That's one of the reasons that I want to keep my average above the minimum requirement. So if I ever do want to take it, I could.

I want to talk to my parents about it, but I haven't had the chance. My mother's shift in the hospital is irregular nowadays, so it's hard to get a hold of her.

Although I have another year before I can proceed to my PhD, my Professors recommend that I decide on it soon...

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