Nice Weather

I woke up today, refreshed, although it's only 3am. I can't help it. I'm still suffering from jet lag. It's not like it'll get better overnight. At least it's only 2 hour away from when I usually wake up.

I went to church with my family as per usual. When it finished, the weather outdoors was as fresh as Spring. It is miraculous that the temperature has reached high 12 degrees Celsius.

We took the opportunity to have a picnic in our backyard and played some  games.

Board game called "Sorry!"

Can you tell from my poke chips that I'm winning?

 The weather was so nice out that we spent the entire afternoon outdoors. After eating dinner, I prepared for my upcoming battle with school and work.

Although I handed all my assignments before hand, and got permission from my boss to take a week off, I'm sure that when I get back there will be work piled up for me to complete.

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