Flight to Australia

Since we were both jet-lagged, we couldn't do much today. We spent most of the day asleep.

During our flight here, there was so much traffic inside the airport. Because of the recent snow storm, a lot of flights were cancelled and people were rebooking them.

Although we weren't there for rebooking, we had a lot of trouble getting through the crowd. We were lucky that we arrived at the airport 3 hours prior to our flight. If we arrived any later, we would have missed it.

During our flight, we watched a couple of old movies that were being played on the huge monitor because we weren't able to sleep. Thank goodness that I brought a couple of books to read.

When we landed, we were able to get out of the airport pretty smoothly. We found our luggage quickly, and walked out. The weather is completely different from Canada.

When we left Canada, the temperature was in the negative, while it's 22 degrees Celsius here. Nice weather, right?

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