Dessert Fest

Today, I made a resolution that I would be home before 5pm.

Right after class, I told the group that I we shouldn't have any meetings because there's an exam tomorrow and the next day, and I want to study for it.

We also have a presentation on Friday. So we scheduled to meet up on Thursday to go over the presentation, and time ourselves. The presentation itself shouldn't be more than an hour.

While I was walking to the station, my friend called me out, and she wanted to go to a dessert festival... She had tickets, and no one wanted to go with her, because well, no one wanted to eat that much sweets.

Apparently, she called my dad first because she wanted to ask permission? My dad texted me and told me to go eat some sweets since my blood sugar is low. So I had no choice but to join her...

I've never eaten that much cake in my life... I do not want to repeat the experience.


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