Another night out

These past few school days, I've been returning home really late. My Dad and my Mum were worried, and talked to me this morning. I explained to them that I couldn't help it. The finals were coming up, and this project is a very important part of our marks.

Because working in a team, is how businesses run nowadays, so we're getting tested on how well we work with others. I thought that only high schools do this, but apparently not.

My parents seems to worry about me more than my sister, although she returns later than I do. Reason being, she drives the car to her college, and it's only a 5-10 minute drive. While I have to walk 15-20 minutes to the station, take a 45 minute bus to Mississauga, and take another bus for 30 minutes to finally reach home.

And today isn't any different from last night. Although today, we're going to a proper restaurant because I told them yesterday that I'm not a fan of eating take outs. We went to a Japanese restaurant, and they had some funny food arrangements...



This time, I reached home at 10:00pm. An hour earlier than yesterday, big improvement right?

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