When the storm hits.

I am ashamed to admit, I skipped one of my lessons today. It wasn't on purpose, I swear. Today there was an snow storm alert around the GTA area, and buses and trains were delayed.

A lot of buses were cancelled all throughout the region, but the university declared:

As of 6:00 am, Wednesday February 27, 2013, the University continues to monitor the weather conditions. The University is open. No decision to alter normal university operations has been taken.

And that's that. Because of the delays, I wasn't able to make it to class. I was late for over an hour. I left my house at exactly 6:10am, after reading the notice. My classes were set to start at 8am. The bus usually takes 45 minutes to travel so I knew I was going to be late if I took the bus.

So I asked my Dad to drop me off Union Station so I can take the bus there. I arrived at the station at 6:45pm. From there it should have taken 20 minutes. They said that there was a 20 minutes delay on the buses, so I would have arrived around 7:30am. But no. I arrived at 8:55am and I still had to walk to class, give or take 15 minute walk (take into account that I'm walking in a snow storm).

To make matters worse, I had to go to the office today. I pulled an all nighter last night doing tax slips. I'm almost done, I think. I'm not sure how I'm going to hold up today. I need to get this done by today and hand them all out tomorrow. I'm guessing another all nighter is needed.

I complained to my bosses that I had already broken one of my New Year's resolutions of 8 hours of sleep a day. His only reply was:
"My responsibility ended when I said 'Good luck on your endeavour'. But it's not a crime to dream. Even I dream of having 8 hours of sleep a day. It's been 5 years since I made that resolution and I still haven't learnt my lesson. *pats shoulder*"

&@$%@*&^$! (A cry of frustration)

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