The Tutor, Me

Saturday, I had too much free time.

Although I was feeling better, my fever was not completely gone. Therefore my other was constantly nagging at me telling me that I'm only allowed to walk around 1 hour every 4 hours.  

While trying to find a snack in the kitchen, my sister was at the long table with her eye brows furrowed and hair all messed up, my guess she was pulling it, so I went over and asked "What's wrong? You look like it's the end of the world". Apparently her exams were over and a new semester began. Her Mathematics teacher gave her and review from what they should have learnt last year.

She was telling me how her Mathematics teacher last year was a Singaporean and so she taught it how it would be taught if she was still in Singapore. This means, she picks a problem on the book, solves the problem, explains it, and leaves the class to finish up the rest of the questions she had assigned.

Having actually studied in Singapore, I find nothing wrong with the teaching technique. In fact, I like it more rather than having the teacher talk for the entire period and give questions for homework.

Although a lot of people might make fun of their accent, don't make fun of their Maths, after all I found out today that what my sister is learning now, in Grade 10 was something I learnt back in Singapore when I was 8.

So enters the tutor, me. As it turns out, I have a knack for this and I am after all my father's daughter, the drill sergeant, I didn't let my sister off until she got each and every problem right. Though I went over my 1 hour limit set by Mum, she didn't seem to mind it at all.

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