The Freedom

Normally I would have gone to church today. As my fever still persists, I was forced to stay home and twiddle my little thumbs. My dad joked that it would be a bad idea if someone else from the congregation caught my disease. Was that really a joke?

Without my Mum to tell me to get out of the kitchen, I was able to make myself some nice breakfast; egg and cheese omelette, instead of the cereal she would have given had she been around. Around 10am, I drank my medicine like a good girl, only because my Mum kept calling to ask if I drank it yet.

At 12pm, I was lost for what I was going to eat for lunch... I started rummaging through the refrigerator hoping for something to cook. As it turns out, my mother left some lasagne. Thank you mother!

I still laugh about it when people debate where the origin of certain foods. As a person who loved to study history among other things, I'm pretty sure that lasagne is Spanish though it was first publish inside a book in Naples. (Insert rebuttal by ____)

For dinner I indulge myself with some hamburger steak. I love the freedom when my parents aren't home. I just hope they don't come yelling at me or my fever comes back to haunt me.

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