Soup to warm you up

Today, I really didn't have much to do. Although I had to go to the university because my exam was postponed to today. Lucky for me, I read the bulletin board about it, others didn't and weren't able to take the exam at all. I'm not sure if the school will even allow them to retake the exam...

I was able to call some people (those people whom I exchanged numbers with during the discussion of my notes) and tell them about the exam. They were there. I told them to pass the word around, but I guess there were still some people who didn't get a call. They were unlucky.

For the most part of the day, my family and I stayed inside, while my dad and my brother kept shovelling the driveway, and mind you, our driveway can fit 6 cars, so it's pretty wide and long. They spent a few good hours out there. Every now and then, cars will get stuck near our house, and of course, they feel bad if they didn't help out. When they were done, both my dad and my brother were complaining of muscle pains.

The snow was up to my knees! I am proud to say, I'm pretty tall. It really was a lot of shovelling.

Then we had visitors. Apparently my Mum made arrangement for my cousins to come over, and have hot pot at the last minute. Yummy.

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