Snow Storm, Snowed In

Today, there's a massive snow storm. All my classes were suspended due to the weather.

I looked outside to see how high the snow has gotten, and my dad dragged me outside to help him shovel, and it was still snowing hard! But since we didn't want it to pile up until it got too heavy to shovel, I went out with him and my brother.

After which, I spent most of my day working on tax slips for the employees so that they can file their income tax refund earlier. These needed to be out of our hands by the end of February, or we'll be fined by the government...

Since my classes were cancelled, my exams were too. I have 1 week off for reading week, I'm guessing my exam will be after that. Announcement has not been made yet, so I'm not sure what's going to happen.

Although it's reading week, we are required to attend student based discussion forum and study groups. There were already some planned on the student board, I hope to attend one or two and sit on the back of the room.

Though today was a snow day, it really feels like a weekend...

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