Snow Day

Today is probably one of the only few days that I will be coming home early. Reason being, it was snowing really hard and so my class was cancelled and everyone rushed home on their individual buses before they stopped running.

When I got home, the snow was already thick and my boots were sinking well into the ground. My dad hasn't started shovelling outside because he's saying that it's useless to try and shovel it all now when it's going to continue snowing all night long.

I thought I was finally free, I was about to check my email and start working on some tax slips via Cloud Online, but my sister came to my room crying... "Sis, can you tutor me again?"

My dad was already tutoring her but, she couldn't get what my dad was saying. I'm not saying my dad isn't smart, but his teaching is no longer high school level. So I spent 2 hours tutoring her 18 questions from her textbook. She's quick to pick up things, it just the method of teaching that's being used. She was able to pick it up after the 4th problem, and for the rest of the time, I was just checking over her answers and giving confirmation on her progress.

As for work, I close the month of January 2013. Thank goodness. I don't really like to be too far behind on my receipts, but I had to choice over this matter. I got sick and started working part time, but hopefully, next week when I'm suppose to study for my mid terms, I'll be all caught up until recent date.

I also need to finish signing slips so that people can start filing their income tax return for this year. I am doing my best!

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