Requirement Frustration

It started snowing again sometime noon. Even with a little bit of snow, the traffic slows down...

I spent most of my morning travelling to my study group that I promised to attend. It was the same group that borrowed my notes to copy them. Honestly, I don't see the point of going to a group that I might not benefit from, yet I have this bad feeling that I'm being used, though I do not speak up as much as other people, and I stay at the back of the room to listen to them.

More often than not, they will ask assurance or maybe confirmation from me about what they were discussing about. Chances are most of them don't know how the whole thing works, and guessed their case studies, therefore on the verge of failing the course. Midterm exams are a good way to bump up the score.

I have nothing against people who actually try and try again and got stuck at some point and then ask for help. But I dislike people who haven't tried at all and expect people to spoon feed them with information to complete their case studies.

This isn't high school! I know in high school you could still ask fellow classmates what you miss, and they'll be nice enough to fill you in, or the teacher will. This is University Masters course! People expect you to know what you are doing because you have gone through basic education during the 3 to 4 years because Masters course. Professors don't care if you miss classes because you're wasting your own money. They don't care if you hand in case studies, they have less papers to mark.

I wrote a letter to my professors stating that I've gone to a day of study group, and I have concluded that I've chosen the wrong study group and I will not benefit from them. It is also safe to assume, based on lecture notes and grades of classwork submission, that I will not learn from any other groups. Therefore I would like to use the rest of my reading week to either prepare for the exams on my own by reading textbooks and case studies, and maybe gain real life hands on experience. Basically go to work.

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