Proud to be one

I went to class today, thinking that I shouldn't miss too many of my classes, though they don't care about attendance (well we're paying for it, whether or not we show up for class is none of their concern.)

As usual, after the lecture yesterday, people were desperately exchanging notes. As I've mentioned before, they're similar to what you would call a cheat sheet to success.

I was actually hoping that the professor would announce what the 3rd case study is before our mid-term exams. I wanted to finish it so I can prepare for my exams earlier, although we have 1 week off to study. My friends have been teasing me lately that I'm becoming a nerd after going back to school... Becoming a nerd is fine. I don't to repeat a class. If I have to be a nerd to pass, so be it.

One of the students, who usually sit near me, spoke to me and said (conversation as follows):
Her: "Do you want a copy of my notes?"
Me: "No. Why'd you ask?"
Her: "You seem odd as of late."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Her: "You skipped classes all of last week. Though it seemed like you handed your case studies on time, you slept through the entire lecture yesterday!"
Me: "I've been sick for the week, so I wasn't able to come. As proof that I wasn't sleeping yesterday, here's my notes. You can compare them with yours. I need to ask the professor something. I'll be right back."

I proceeded to ask the professor when he was planning to tell us the 3rd case studies. It turns out he planned to tell us by the end of the class. Since I asked, he said he'll release it immediately. BINGO!

When I got back to my seat, the girl was practically begging me for my notes... Why you might ask? Because I'm probably the only person in that lecture hall who didn't miss a single word the professor said because of my intense focus, and oh, my fever.

I told her that that was my edited copy, so if she wants to compare proper notes, it'll be better if I bring the originals. My friends often told me that my notes made no sense to them. Well of course, I took out what I already known and memorized, so it's not needed to be written down. And I wrote it in such a way that it is easy for ME to revise for upcoming exams. I thought everyone was like that?

No? Then maybe I really am a complete nerd, though proud to be one.

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