Power Outage

Today was what you might call a "slow" day.

Ever since 11am, there hasn't been any power around our neighbourhood. Because of the strong winds the night before, a tree has been uprooted, damaging the electrical lines.

So what else can I do other than work by hand while wearing 4 layers of clothing? If you still haven't gotten the basic idea, it was freezing cold here without any heater.

When my parents told me that we're heading over my dad's aunt's house because it was his cousin's birthday, I couldn't be happier to get out of the house. Usually, I'll be reluctant during this time of the year, but today was a whole different story.

In my aunt's house, my dad's cousin was cooking high class dishes one after another. He was also teaching some of the visitors how to cook (as expected of a chef from Marriott Hotel).

It looked nice, tasted delicious, but you have to take into account that there were children in attendance. And they were hungry little wolves. So I had to stop him and address the matters to him. Everything was settled with brownies and vanilla ice cream...

We got home around 10pm and the power was still not back on...

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