Nothing's Free

As per usual, today my whole family went to church. Nothing unusual happened. I got my tax receipt back, so I can file my income tax now. Wait, no, I take that back. I haven't finished my own T4 slip so I can't do that just yet.

Tomorrow is the start of my reading week for school (midterm exams preparation), and I planned to visit a study group (because it is required), and then start working on more slips so people can start filing for their income tax refunds.

Today, my family went out for lunch. There wasn't really any special occasion, my dad just felt like treating himself for a job well done from shovelling all that snow yesterday and the day before. It's a free meal, so we all tagged along.

But I guess I should have known that there's nothing free in this world. After eating lunch, my dad said that we should all go skating to burn the calories. Therefore, we called our cousins and a couple of other close family friends and skated for 3 hours. My muscles are all aching.

I don't know why, but today I felt stupid for being out in the cold skating while I should be inside the house with my warm and fuzzy blanket reading textbooks preparing for my exam.

I asked my dad to send me back early, and he says that it's good to take time off every once in a while to clear my mind and just enjoy despite the cold weather.

When I got home, I was surprisingly able to concentrate more, maybe it's because my mind is clear, or it's just because my siblings are dead tired from all the skating and all took a nap so there was no one to disturb me...

Either way, I did get some studying done. Tomorrow I want a rest day. Will I be able to get it? Or will I be dragged into something troublesome? Who knows, that's tomorrow's story.

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