My day off.

Today, I was supposed to have one of my days were I do not have to worry about work. Apparently, that was not the case.

After my classes, I was urgently summoned to the office. My boss and every other human being on the floor was yelling, screaming, crying, or pulling their hair.

Of course, as a "new arrival" I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I asked one of my co-workers, and she hugged me with tears in her eyes while saying "Thank goodness you're here!"

Still not knowing what was going on, I approached my boss. He then told me the situation... It wasn't pleasant. Let's just say that the situation is very similar to losing your belt bag which has all your money, bank card, credit card, passport, cheques, and other important items.

Sooner than later, I wanted to join my co-workers in their choir of wails. I didn't have much problem with the work I've done because I had it backed up. But others were working before I got there and lost saved draft data inputted from beginning of February until today.

There were papers flying everywhere. All 5 of us from the department decided to stay and do overtime. There was no other way. Only 3 days left before the end of the month.

When I felt like my brains was about to explode, I bid my farewells. I got home at around 9:45pm. Haven't had lunch nor dinner but I didn't have the strength to stay up a little longer to have a meal. Therefore I bid you adieu.

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