Last day of the month

As the last day of February, we had to complete every single tax slip and return them to the righteous owners. I spent a total of 2 hours each day sleeping to complete them.

After completing every one of them, I played dead on my bed for approximately 12 to 15 hours, almost forgetting to do my assignment that is due tomorrow.

I haven't had any time for myself lately and there's still much that needed to be done, such as filing my income tax return.

Although my company completed our tax slips on time, it doesn't mean that other establishments will follow our suit. So instead of being able to file mine right away, I have to wait for charity organizations to mail me the record of how much I have donated, and for banks to give me my RRSP total contribution record.

And starting tomorrow, I'll be gone for a business trip and for a holiday together with my co-workers. We're off for a week. Thank goodness.

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