Just my luck

Guess who caught another fever?

Of course it's none other than me.

I'm not really sure how I caught this fever but I have a hunch it's because of the weather. Though I say that, I haven't really been outside since the conference on Thursday. I wasn't feeling well on Friday so I stayed home to work and study.

Yesterday it was snowing, so my whole family wasn't able to go outside. Today I was still feeling a little under the weather. As usual, I went to church with my family but right after that I excused myself and headed home. Today we were supposed to go to a birthday party and I did commit to it but because of my condition, I cancelled it at the very last minute. Don't get me wrong, I made sure the rest of my family went.

I did feel bad about it and made sure that the host wasn't upset with my cancellation. I'm happy that she assured me that everything was fine and I should focus on getting better and my examinations that it set to start tomorrow.

I did study really hard for my exams and I hope that my fever won't hinder my marks for I cannot afford it. I wish there was some kind of medicine to dispel my fever.

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