In need of assistance

Today was a complete chaos. I had to try and complete as much tax slips as I could. Of course once I complete every 200 or so, I would call the mail man to mail them out for me.

I didn't want to mail them out all at once because it would be way too many and they will pile up on my desk.

Every once in a while, I will get a phone call, email, or message asking why they haven't received theirs yet. And I will repeat the same sentence as I've to anyone: "I only handle last names from N to Z and I am doing the tax slips in alphabetical order. If your last name is before N, please contact ______ at ________"

For some people, that message would suffice. There are some that insist that their needed to be done first because of deadlines, blah blah blah. During these times, I get really annoyed because I know that the deadline is Friday, March 1st, 2013! Stop trying to trick me, it won't work.

All in all, I am in need of an assistant. Someone who is capable of getting printed (completed) tax slips, place them on my desk for me to sign, and then fold them and put them inside an envelope while making sure that the name and address of the person is in the clear plastic.

Then use the water roller to seal the envelope and put it in a box in alphabetical order. Easy job, right? Then why my boss need to tell at least 3 of our assistant never to come back again?! Makes my life miserable.

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