I wouldn't recommend you trying this...

Have you ever tried going to a 5 hour lecture with a 38 degree fever? I would seriously not recommend it.

I had to force myself to stay awake for the full 5 hours just to take down some notes. Now that I'm home, I can't even remember what the lecture was about. Looking back on my notes, I'm not even sure if what I wrote down were accurate. But it seems like I wrote more notes than the lecture before and neater too... How sad is that?

I guess when I'm sick I tend to focus more on one person rather than getting distracted by random things such as useless chatter and the flick of the bulb during image slide changes.

I have 3 case studies due this week, I've started on 2 of them, but I haven't got any idea about a 3rd one, so I'm guessing that the professor haven't uploaded it to our student website. I also have an exam this Friday, which is why I can't understand why I won't get better.

I've consulted my doctor before going home, and he told me straight up "There's absolutely nothing wrong with you immune system as I see it."

Right now I have just completed my first case studies and submitted. I hope I can finish the other one tonight, or tomorrow. I really need to spend some time with studying "Strategic Management Accounting and Analysis". Unlike Calculus, this course does not only deal with numbers and we need to analyse the whole process of it, step by step, to see if we could go back on certain events to gain more monetary values.

It's really hard to explain. I just do the exam that's given to me. But I find Calculus a lot easier as it is just numbers straight up. If there's exam that will totally fry my brain, this is one of them.

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