I should have sold it

As promised from yesterday, I brought in my original notes, and somehow it spread like wildfire that my notes were godly?

When I set down for class, the usual girl sat down beside me, greeted me, and with puppy eyes, asked if I brought them. I nodded, and handed them over to her, and somehow, about 7 or 8 others started to gather...

Though my notes were clear and concise, they need to actually attend the lecture and have some intermediate knowledge of the course to know what my notes are saying. Of course, the examples I used were actually day to day problems that I've faced in the past, so they were very logical.

As lesson was about to start, and the professor could walk in any minute, they arranged for some discussion after class. Of course, they asked permission to photocopy the notes and invited me to the discussion. Usually I would decline, but since I've cut back a lot on work and had some free time, I agreed.

They booked one of the meeting rooms with a whiteboard, kind of like a mini lecture hall. I sat at the very back, because I already knew the contents of my notes. I told them that if they wanted some explanation on some of the words that I've written down, feel free to ask me. Other than the occasional times I was asked to clarify a few points, I did speak up when they completely got the point wrong.

The discussion lasted over 3 hours, but we were far from over. They invited me again tomorrow because my input was helpful and got them thinking how to do their case studies, I told them I wasn't sure just yet because I wanted to finish my 3rd case study that was assigned yesterday.

I also made sure I got my notes back. Honestly, I'm regretting not selling them... (insert evil laugh here)

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