Go, go, go!

I felt like I was racing with time today. Everything was "go, go, go". I didn't have time to eat lunch. Thank god that when I was travelling to the office, I was able to grab a bottle of water and a ham sandwich.

Today there was a large meeting regarding the tax season. Every single book must be closed by the end of this month. I've already closed a couple of mine a few weeks back. Since the end of our fiscal year was January 31st, I managed to update most of my books.

School got in the way of completing the rest of my work. Although I did promise to only work part-time, no one else knew what to do with the books I've done with the whole year, and it'll probably take longer to teach someone than do it myself. So I've been rushing those books along with tax slips.

It was past 5pm that I realised that I've gone through overtime. I stayed until 7pm because I didn't want to get caught with the rush hour. I managed to get more work done because there was no one there to ask questions and bother me with random things.

Although I was supposed to go to a study group today, I had permission from my professor to skip study groups as I'll probably learn more from hands on experience, especially now that it's tax season.

I've taken home a couple of folders to read over for the conference tomorrow from 10am until 4pm. I'm not sure what this is all about. I haven't had the chance to take a look at it. It's currently 21:44 and I haven't had dinner yet. It's almost my bed time!

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