Exam Day 3

Thank goodness that I do not have any long exams today.

I want to spend some time to study for the remaining exams. Though they are not too difficult, it's those subject that are not difficult that I have a tendency to slack off. Because it's easy, I want to spend more time studying it to prevent careless mistakes.

Tomorrow, I'll have to take 3 exams. The 2 that I've mentioned yesterday (Auditing and Advanced Accounting) and Cost Accounting; which is what I want to spend more time studying.

But things never really go the way we want it to. I was studying on our dining table because it's huge and I can spread out my notes and freely look at charts that I've drawn during class times. My Mum said I looked "free". So I've been asked to cook dinner, bake muffins, and wash the dishes.

When I really couldn't take it any longer, I cleared the dining table, and locked myself in my room with a "Do not disturb" sign on my door and taped a "Studying for Exams" written with a marker on a piece of A4 size paper.

To my surprise, my Dad told my siblings who were usually playing PlayStation 3 to quiet down or bring the console to the entertainment room. So for 4 hours, I was able to study my brains out until it was time to sleep. Thank you Daddy!

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