Exam Day 2

As I've thought, it wasn't cancelled. So here I am after my long day typing up a summary of my day.

I'm not really sure where to begin. My fever has gotten better but it doesn't mean I remember anything I've written on my calculus exam. It was horrific. I did manage to answer all the questions but knowing me, I do not have any confidence in my answers.

I've asked a couple of my classmates, or they've asked me. None of us got the same answer. Isn't that really mysterious? I guess I could say we're all bad at the subject.

After my exam, I went to my class and found more distraught people. I guess it's understandable because the next exams will be Auditing and Advanced Financial Accounting, both on the same day.

I'm not too worried about those subjects since I've got some experience in those areas all thanks to work. None of my classmates seemed to have done Auditing in real life situations. They kept asking me situational "IF" questions. Apparently the professor had announced that everything will be based on real life situations during the time I haven't arrived in class. And to prove their statement, the professor said it again during class.

I answered a few of their questions, but of course, there's no actual solution to it unless you have been given all the data required. Hopefully none of them freak out on the actual day...

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