Exam Day 1

Today was my first exam day.

To be honest, I'm not too sure how well I did. There were some case studies that resembles the ones I've done on the past, but they were a more complicated. I do remember answering all the question and finishing the activities given to be done on the computer. As far as knowing how well I've done, I haven't got a single clue.

I unconsciously walked to the office to pick up things I needed to work on and right when I was about to leave, my co-worker asked me to stay for a bit longer and she will drop me home. According to her, I looked like a vampire whose aimlessly wondering around looking for a prey to devour blood from.

When I got home, I do not recall what I've done. My Mum said that I did eat and took some medicine and then fell asleep on my bed. Tomorrow is another exam day and I've got a class. It's been snowing again and I'm hoping that both will be cancelled, but I really doubt it. Wish me luck.

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