Choices and Decisions

Today was supposed to be the day where young people under the age of 26, gather together for an activity held by the church. It seems like my entire family decided to go. So I'm left at home with the drill sergeant (dad) and his one and only secretary (Mum).

I think it was my stubbornness on leaving the hospital early caused my fever to return to what it was after I had returned home. You wouldn't be able to imagine my Mum's demonic face when she found out.

As punishment, all I got to eat for the whole day was more jello and porridge instead of the nice meat loaf that she promised me (yesterday) when I got better. You don't want to be me right now.

Oh what have I done to deserve this sickness?

In any case I spoke with my doctor and all he said was "Serves you right for working yourself to the bone. I've told you time and time again if you kept this up you're going to breakdown. So choose! Part-time school or part-time work. And get rid of other things that strain your mind and body"

So I had decided to choose part time work. I've spoken with my superior over it, and he had to agree, as there were no other options. Though I feel bad for whomever is going to take over the rest of the work I used to do, but right now what's more important is my health and finishing my education.

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