Sunday, February 24, 2013

A warm bed and...

As usual, I went to church with my family. What's different about today was I was asked to look after the children attending Sunday School. There was an emergency and the person who was supposed to teach the little ones was not able to make it. Super Teacher ME to the rescue...

It was fun yet very tiring. It's been a long time since I last spent time with little children. I've been so busy with work that I haven't had time to visit the child care centre that I used to work at back when I was still taking Child Psychology as a Major.

When I got home, I was dead tired. I wasn't able to sleep well last night because of the extreme coldness. After eating a light snack, I went to sleep. I was awoken by the burning smell of the kitchen...

My parents went out to visit one of their friends and took my brother and my sister with them. But my other sister had work at 5pm, so she came home with me to get ready for work. She didn't have time to eat lunch because she was busy studying. This week is her reading week, while mine was last week. Therefore she has upcoming exams.

She tried making some baked potato and ended up burning it... Since I can relate to the situation, I cooked some food for us to eat. Before I knew it, I was 4:30pm. She had to go to work, and I had to get ready because someone was coming over to my house at 5pm.

I had almost forgotten about the commitment I've made with one of my dad's friends. I promised to do their tax refund. It's hard to say no to close family friends, even when you know you don't have the time, you'll still make time. I have a bad feeling that my next couple of days will be hectic.

I'm crossing my fingers.


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