A rest day?

Today I decided to have a rest day.

Although I decided upon it, not everything goes according to plan. I received multitudes of text messages asking for help. I tried to help as much as I could, but honestly speaking, I was so tired from yesterday that I didn't feel well when I woke up this morning. Despite my condition, I still got up, read some of the new laws, and looked at the different types of forms and compared them to previous years.

Because of the work I've done today, and if my agenda goes according to plan, I won't have much work left to do next week, so that I can focus on my midterm examination, which starts on Monday. I've planned to study all throughout the weekend, but still, it confirmed that I will get at least 93 average.

I've spoken to the person who handles the enrolment, and she said that I would need at least a 93 average to get into the PhD program. I haven't really decided on continuing my education to that level, but if ever I want to do so, I want to have the marks for it.

Therefore I've been working really hard on my case studies, assignments, and burning the midnight oil to study for my exams. Whether or not my effort pays off, it'll be seen after my midterms.

But studying kills the body. I'm thankful that my brother and his friend always drag me out of the house to play volleyball every Friday night. I am also thankful that my doctor allows me to go to such activities as long as I don't burn myself out completely.

Because I wasn't feeling so well, I wasn't able to play volleyball for long... I made me look like a complete beginner. I vow, next week, I'll have my volleyball revenge. I will get better and release all my stress from studying!

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