Would you like to give me a cookie?

Well, here am I after my Accounting and Analytic exam. I have to admit, I'm completely exhausted!

Although I was prepared for the 3 hour written exam, never in my mind did I think I would have a lot of trouble with it, nor will I be pressed for time. To sum it all up, I rushed through the entire last page of the exam. I can't even recall my last answer...

Some people might be wondering why on earth am I having and exam in the beginning of the semester. Well, the truth is, there's a lot of people who took the class, because of that, I had to edure a 3 hour exam, and another exam on Monday.

The exam that's on this coming Monday is Advanced Auditing. Though I already have my certificate on that, it is null and void until I have completed this program and actually get the Degree. Therefore, I have to take the actual course and pass it, and not just take the final exam right away.

As for work, although I am currently studying, I still do have responsibilities at work. The Income Tax season is coming up, so this is also a way for me to refresh my memory.

All in all, I will be spending most of my weekend studying... Just thinking about it is making me tear up in regret.

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