What it means to not have internet

You can probably tell from the title of the post… I was without any internet for majority of the day. During the snowy weather a couple of days ago, an underground cable snapped or froze, and so it needed repair.

I had a very productive day, as I cleaned the entire house; bathroom, all the bedrooms, and other parts of the house, cooked lunch and dinner, sorted out my books and placed them and arranged them on the shelves in accordance to its height.

After which, I grabbed some old movies from the storage room and began to watch it, or rather, I tried to watch it… but it got too boring, so I shut it off and played video games on Nintendo Wii, and PS3.

Since it is the holidays, my brother insisted that I played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, NBA 2k12, NBA 2k13. I am proud to say that I lost all rounds in all of the games.

But hey, all that counts is I had fun.
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