To get by the day without thinking about yesterday

Today I've been keeping myself busy all day, since 5am this morning up until now. I really don't want to think about it.

During that process, I went to my classes, handed in my case study that was supposedly due tomorrow, and left the class. Other students thought that I was just showing off. I told the Professor that I will not be coming to school because of a passing of a close friend. And he explained it to the class that he will never accept early submission of a project without a valid reason or unless he says that he is willing to; like the final project, said the person who usually sat near me. Soon after I left because I started receiving condolences emails and text messages.

I will be busy all day tomorrow with the preparation of the wake; ordering snacks, and making sure that there will be security at the door to stop unwanted people who don't understand the following message that I sent out on behalf of her sister:

"We appreciate all your thoughts during our moment of sadness. As a request of her mother and father, a private viewing will be held for close friends and family.

Thank you in advance for respecting our privacy to mourn our lost loved one."

Aside from sending out letters, I ordered some flowers. Although it was a sudden arrangement, hopefully the florist would get it ready in time.

Apart from helping with the funeral, I've been having trouble with one of my clients. They insisted in buying a building although their company migrated from elsewhere. By law, the company has to have proof of funds, which they do, and a year of stable record in the country, which they don't.

There won't be any banks here, who would want to cover their mortgage, because there's a risk of them not being able to pay property taxes and all other fees.

Although I know otherwise, I'm still trying to find some loopholes, but this isn't our area of expertise. So I'm not making much progress. They should have hired a mortgage broker instead of a Financial Advisor since all he mostly did was said "You can't do that", and left all the explaining to me.

I'm hoping to get this all settled by the end of this month, which is Thursday, January 31st, 2013. Looking at the progress thus far, I find the date I set most preposterous.

I seriously need another vacation...

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